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  1. I haven't put my dashcam in my new car yet as only had it a week or so and have been busy with work. Looking forward to getting some idiot UK driver on film again!
  2. I think for everyday use you wouldn't notice a difference though. On my track car i did convert both cars to dsic brakes though.
  3. £100 on ebay.
  4. Good work! :D
  5. If you want a genuine Ford part then that'll be the price. I'd like it sprayed in my car's colour too for £350. Other than checking eBay for items popping up and focus forums thats your best bet for a cheaper price.
  6. I presume you'd start getting a fault code intermittently if it was failing. I recently just had one replaced on my car and it failed completely and brought up a fault code. That image looks like a perfect wave form to me :D
  7. I've always thought converting rear drums to disks has always been an aesthetic thing as it doesn't improve braking anymore in my opinion. I'm sure the rear only has a max of 20% of braking anyway (i could have just made that up!) haha If it can be done cheaply and easilly enough then why not :D
  8. Superb! It's one thing i don't miss about working in London! I used to work in Whitechapel and then Paddington and i drove from Hertfordshire. Some of THEE worst drivers, cyclists, pedestrians on the planet! I wish i'd had a dash cam back then as i'd have had some great videos! However, it did make me a better driver as your spacial awareness is improved and it teaches you to always expect the unexpected!
  9. I was dubious years ago when i first saw them and now it's my first purchase for a new car :D
  10. Renting from rug doctor this week and have bought some upholstery cleaning products so i'll let you know how i get on over the weekend :D
  11. You may as well save a few more quid and buy coilovers and get the ride height and setup exactly tailored to your needs.
  12. I use an app :D Road Trip Works perfectly. You can play with all the settings and get all the info you need as long as you yourself input the correct figures every time you fill your car :D
  13. That exhaust hangar isn't correct. It looks as though its taken a whack or maybe in a garage the lift has caught it. You were indeed right the box is hitting the suspension spring! It'll be a case of you physically bending it back to its correct position or a garage doing so. Obviously be careful as to not break the weld.
  14. Some people take standard options off to get other optional extras on. If the car was sold to you not as described then i would definitely take it back and kick up a fuss!
  15. Welcome :) Have a look around and don't be afraid to ask questions no matter how silly they sound :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk