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  1. I hear that! You may also want to get sill protectors too, illuminated gear knob and led's bulbs as and where you can too.
  2. A copper would have tugged her but it'd be a 50/50 in court. A pal's missus works at the local magistrates and see's them all day everyday. Totally agree she's in the wrong on both counts. People like that crash and put our insurance premiums up! But we must remember women are better drivers!
  3. Same here. I went for the 1.0 EcoBoost as a proper grown up car and now i see mod's left right and center!
  4. There are zero exhausts for the 1.0 ecoboost. Longlife for a custom is your best bet. I'd hold out for a Zetec-S or ST rear spoiler and then get a dual exit custom exhaust for the look. BlueFin is good but will you really see the benefit from the airtek intercooler and turbosmart dual port valve? I'm not convinced! Rear view mirror autolight and auto rain wipers is a good mod as well as ambient lighting which are both found on the Titanium. Wind deflectors help for letting cool air in while not getting blown left right and center. ClimAir or HEKO are both good. I too miss my Titanium extras now i've got a zetec! Plenty of people will have an opinion and help out on here though so you're in the right place!
  5. They're not hidden thats just the best place to put them! A pal i play footy with works for the Highways Agency and they are a proper little money earner by Heathrow. As long as the Speed Camera sign is displayed (which it is) then they're golden! Either way we should all be abiding by the speed limits set!
  6. You'd need a stint in the forces to drive in London now!
  7. A huge pet hate of mine! I've had heated arguments and stand up row's with people on their phone's while driving. From the video i couldn't quite see and the red light was very close indeed.
  8. By law after a certain date (cannot remember which) all gatso, truvelo, red light cameras need to be clearly visible by yellow or fluorescent green or yellow paint. As stated, the first is a pedestrian camera helping the timings for the crossing and the second is CCTV (probably due to traffic issues at that junction). Gatso :- New shape Gatso :- Truvelo :- Red Light:- Average Speed :- Obviously there are some newer versions which differ slightly but you get the gist.
  9. Numerous things could cause this. You have done the right few things first. Next to check would be a binding caliper or it could be the brake lines from the brake slave.
  10. I haven't put my dashcam in my new car yet as only had it a week or so and have been busy with work. Looking forward to getting some idiot UK driver on film again!
  11. I think for everyday use you wouldn't notice a difference though. On my track car i did convert both cars to dsic brakes though.
  12. £100 on ebay.
  13. Good work! :D
  14. If you want a genuine Ford part then that'll be the price. I'd like it sprayed in my car's colour too for £350. Other than checking eBay for items popping up and focus forums thats your best bet for a cheaper price.
  15. I presume you'd start getting a fault code intermittently if it was failing. I recently just had one replaced on my car and it failed completely and brought up a fault code. That image looks like a perfect wave form to me :D