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  1. Just want a replacement rear bumper because of the damage. Fancied something better looking on the rear if i could.
  2. So an ST, ZS and Zetec one fits my MK2 Focus then? Just want to source one on ebay and get it fitted as i really dislike having something on the car that is broken :(
  3. Well it looks like i have a few options. Would make it easier if there was a guide with photos telling you what does and doesn't fit and what they look like. Finding exactly what i want image wise seems difficult!
  4. What does the Facelift Mk2.5 bumper look like exactly? Does the Mk2 Zetec-S bumper fit directly?
  5. Recently had a a person with a towbar reverse into my car (didn't get details but witness saw what happened). So i've got a bit of damage; This is my bumper on my 2008 Fod Focus 1.8 TDCI Titanium but what other options do i have? Are they all just bolt on or do they have to be modified? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Brilliant cheers chaps! I've bought a blanking plate off Egay but it's only made of aluminium so i'll copy the design and knock one up at work made from Stainless Steel...simple. Hopefully it'll be as easy to get to and sort out.
  7. At the end of the day it cannot hurt to do the extras BUT i'd only have the basic service and i wouldn't ever go to a Fraud's dealership unless it relies on the warranty you have with them. I've never had a service for any of my cars over £200.
  8. Top 5 in order :- 1. Tyres 2. Exhaust System (Manifold/CAT/Back Box) 3. Upgrade Brakes (Bigger/Better) 4. Suspension (Coilovers/Strut Braces/Polybushes) 5. Lights (HiD) These mods would only be done on a car i'd intend to use on a track for track days. I'm not one for flashy alloys or body kits or bright interior lighst everywhere. I like to keep it as standard as possible and replace with standard or an upgrade on standard as and where possible. If you want a faster better car then buy one! :)
  9. I'm a Technical Engineer for Royal Mail. Basically what i do is fix and maintain all the machines that sort the mail.
  10. Fast & The Furious Films, Old 70's/80's Police car chase films, Bullit, Senna, Rush, Driven, Ronin, Driver, Le Mans, Days of Thunder, The French Connection, Taxi are all good in my book. I remember an old film that was made by a French Filmographer who drove round the streets of Paris in an old Citreon and then recorded a Ferrari engine and then mixed it to the film...was !Removed! brilliant!
  11. I appreciate the job Police do and have a fair few friends amoungst the biggest gang in the UK! Essex, Herts & Met Police buddies.....BUT...i'm not a fan of the double standards or when you're pulled over even after checks just for the 'because we can' line. To be honest the last time i was pulled i was in the wrong doing over the speed limit (85 in a 70) and stopped by a Police Biker who in the end was a sound bloke and just gave me a ticking off and some hearty advice. But i've been pulled before doing completely nothing wrong with a legit car, insurance, MOT, Tax etc etc and the guy was a complete !Removed! trying to impress his new young policewoman partner. It was embarrassing to watch and listen too but i had to be 'yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir'. Took 35mins to do everything he wanted check wise and a 'friendly chat' about what i was doing wrong when driving (which was nothing). I'd been on a 16hr double shift (that i told him) and it was just not on. Again that was a one off but it's just annoying at times when you think of all the non insured, no mot, no tax drivers outthere and i get stopped...grinds my gears. Totally agree with the justice system too! Harsher punishments all round! PHEW! rant over...and relax :)
  12. It's a tad annoying when this happens as you'd think abide by the laws as we have to. But then they're the Rozzers and do as they please. I'm always 'yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir' when stopped. Just not worth opening your mouth even if you're in the right.
  13. Working some long old shifts this week! Bit of Toil & Overtime though!

  14. Jimmy Hook 81 Sexbox
  15. Bit of brute strength required then i guess! I shall not be beaten by a gear knob.....AGAIN! May i ask what gear knob that is?