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  1. Frustrated Female ***** Help .....

    An. Engine diagram. Would. Be. EXCELLENT if anyone. Can suggest. A online link where I could view / download 1 ??? Cheers for help so far guys xxxxxx ***** update It's a new battery but seems "drained" ..... Iv got if on charge at min !!??
  2. Frustrated Female ***** Help .....

    Ah right , makes sense ta !! Xx
  3. Hi guys, I have a "T" registered ford fiesta 1.8 Diesel. I've only owned it for 2-3 weeks !!! PROBLEM IS --- has always been awkward to start 1st thing and I know this is a general thing. But .... This morning the damn thing totally refuses to turn over ???? * there is plenty of fuel in it .... * I 1st warm the coil plugs at least 4-5 times before I try to turn over I'm at a point where my battery almost DEAD from tryin to start it !!! ID REALLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP WHAT-SO-EVER WITH THIS Many thanks all .... Xx
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums wahwah69 :)