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  1. I haven't had any luck finding the post by Willy - in fact I can't even find the project section any more. I'm clearly looking the wrong places, could you provide a link?
  2. I actually upshift at 3.000 rpm myself normally as well. However if I need to overtake, I'll drop into the lowest possible gear and hit the red line before upshifting (I prefer to get into the proper lane again ASAP) With the 125 I always had to wait half a second or so for the power to come back after upshifting, whereas the 140 has power immediately. It makes a huge difference to me :-) Oh also my picture is obsolete, I sold the black edition and currently drives a 140 Titanium instead (needed the 5 doors)
  3. Hello everyone I'm very close to buying a Mountune short-shifter, however before I do so I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with it? I imagine the throw gets shortened by a fair amount, and as a consequence you'll have to apply more force to change gears. My question is therefore mainly whether it's worth it, or if it starts requiring too much force? Thanks in advance :-)
  4. Having owned a 125 and two 140s I'll say there's a rather large difference between them really. The 125 reaches 62mph in 2nd gear, whereas the 140 needs 3rd gear to do it - that's why there's only 0.4sec difference (the gear change to 3rd takes time after all) The overall gearing of the 140 is lower than on the 125, which means high speed crusing can be a bit loud in the 140 due to higher rpms. On the plus side you get much more torque to the wheels when comparing to same gear in the 125. Plenty of people on youtube actually hit 62mph in less than 8 seconds in the stock 140 - whether they're telling the truth I dare not say, as I haven't timed it myself. The reason I changed from my 125 ZS to the 140 Black Edition was mainly the engine, I felt there was no power everytime I upshifted, even when doing so at 6k rpm. In the 140 I can upshift at 3k rpm and still feel like I have instant power. Furthermore 3rd gear was very dead in my 125, whereas it's my favourite gear in the 140 because it just keeps pulling. I suggest trying the 125 and 140 right after eachother, and I guarantee you'll feel a difference as well :-) My only gripe with the 140 is the gearbox (same as for the 100 and 125) - it's got a very long throw (I'll fix that soon enough though when my Mountune short shifter arrives), and it can't really handle that much torque, meaning most remaps WILL eventually break it (broken synchros for 1st and 2nd gear is a common issue on this forum, and it's normally linked to a remapped engine). Oh and it's only a 5 speed :-(
  5. I'm back to being confused now :-D But sounds like 16" is the way to go then - any 3rd opinions ? :-)
  6. Did you ever find out why some suggest 16" on the passenger side? (this is roughly equivalent to 400mm, and 15" is roughly 380mm)
  7. I'm about to change my wiper blades, but I keep finding different information about the wiper blade size. Some say 650mm + 400mm, and some say 650mm + 380mm - so basically it's the size for the passenger side that's confusing. Does anyone in here know the correct size for the Fiesta MK7.5? (The ecoboost series) In case you do, might I suggest making a sticky with the information - similar to the one for bulbs?
  8. There's a bit of talk about the boost being limited in 1st and 2nd gear normally, but this restriction being removed with BlueFin. That Thread is here: Unfortunately the people I've heard about with issues have been scattered around other threads and even other forums, so I don't have a link to anything comprehensive about it. Searching for the word "synchro" on this forum, did find this thread which seems highly relevant:
  9. Dan222 Are you using Superchips BlueFin ? Quite a few have had synchro issues after applying Bluefin - probably the vastly increased torque in the lower gears the synchros can't handle. My 2013 ZS is running fine btw. But it's only done 12.500 miles.
  10. Both mine are Ecoboost, one is a 125ps Zetec S, the other is a black edition (140ps). My colleague has a 125ps Titanium (so also ecoboost). Haven't tried the clutch in a non-ecoboost Fiesta.
  11. Mine is still the same, but yes it's heavier than on other cars I've tried (which were not Fiestas mind you) I've got two Fiestas and both have a heavy clutch, a collegue also has a Fiesta, and his clutch is the same as well. So I'm pretty certain it's just how it is (still annoys me a bit though, causs I have sore feet, and it hurts to hold the clutch down on prolonged trips with lots of city driving)
  12. This is quite interesting, considering I've heard of at least 3 people with Bluefin who had their 1st and 2nd gear syncro break down. I'd expect the limitation from Ford is there to avoid exactly that problem - the torque churned out by the gearbox is after all higher in lower gears. On a side note the ST also limits the boost in 1st and 2nd. Furthermore my stock Black Edition (got both a ZS and a Black Ed.) feels quicker in 3rd than in 2nd, I suppose this is also down to limited boost in 2nd gear.
  13. I've got a black edition and a ZS as well (my wife has the ZS) I'll say the black edition is somewhat more "eager" to drive than the ZS, it seems to have a much quicker throttle response, and pulls more willingly when above 2. gear. Do note however that the black edition has lower gear ratios, so it sits at rather high rpm at motorway speed. In Denmark the speed limit is 130 km/h (I think that corresponds to 80 mp/h) and I'm pretty sure the black edition sits around 3.500 rpm at that speed. Can't remember for certain because I rarely use the motorways. MPG wise I hit around 40 in each, but we mostly do short trips of less than 10 miles, so that's why. It's still much better than the other cars we've owned (Toyota Aygo, Ford Ka, Honda Civic 1.8 to name a few) So if you do a lot of motorway I'd take it for a test drive there, to see if you can live with the lower gearing. On any other road I'll say it's far superior to the ZS :-) (And I'm loving every minute in mine) Edit: Haven't gotten around to put a picture of the black edition on my profile, so the blue one is the ZS :-)
  14. I must admit I'd like to disable it competely too, but I've gotten used to disabling it first thing after starting the car. I can't put my finger on why I don't like it, it just makes me feel uneasy when it stops LOL.
  15. My manual says to avoid high speed (but doesn't state what speed that is, stupidly enough) for the first 1000 miles. It also says to not labour the engine for the same 1000 miles (running at too low revs) But like alex says it's already been tested at the factory, and manufacturing processes today are much better than they were 20 years ago, so I doubt you'll break anything as long as the engine is well warmed up before you trash it. (Do note that just because the cooling water is warm, it doesn't mean the entire engine is - so don't rely on the temp gauge in the car as that's just the water)