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  1. Mine's never even been taken apart, it's just been rattling since new. Foam sounds like a decent idea - are there any guides on disassembling it on the forum somewhere?
  2. I'm currently driving my 3rd Fiesta mk 7.5, and this has been a problem in all 3 of them. The interior right above the radio (the part with the display really) is rattling like crazy. Sometimes I can make it stop ever so briefly by gently pressing down on it. I'm figuring it's because of two different types of hard plastic being too close to each other. So I was hoping someone in here figured out how to fix the problem :-)
  3. My dealership mentioned the limiters for 17", however they told me their customers never wanted them and they've never had problems. So I went without limiters on both my ZS and Black Edition - neither of them rubbed or had any problems with the 17" wheels (205/40/17 tyres) The major restraint in tuning the 1.0 is actually the gearbox - it's only approved for 170nm of torque, which the engine already exceeds on overboost (125 and 140 only) You'll easily find lots of stories about broken synchromeshes due to remaps.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I'll keep using stock pressure then :-)
  5. I'm currently running 215/45/16 tyres on 7,5" wide 16" rims. According to the schema in the car I should run 2,3 bar front / 1,8 bar rear on 195/45/16. But I figure it isn't necessarily correct for my slightly larger tyres (both wider and higher total diameter). Those anyone here know what to do for these situations? In case you're wondering why I'm running non-stock size: It was the only size I could get the desired tyre in :-D
  6. Honestly I doubt you'll find anyone who has succeeded at it. Partly because very few will likely attempt it, and partly because I doubt it'll work. The software in the radio most likely has no way of handling multiple interfaces being connected at once (because it's cheaper to develop the software that way) May I be so bold as to ask why you want to use a hub ?
  7. I don't have the answer, but would love to know the solution as well (mainly for the ESP button) I too am from Denmark btw. :-)
  8. You are exactly right, I was actually hoping to find a coiled antenna. My wife's Hyundai I10 has a very short coiled antenna (you can actually see the coils), and it works equally well as the one on my Fiesta. Surely there must exist one for the Fiesta somewhere, the only question is who's the first to find one :-)
  9. biff55 > Thanks for the update, I can tell people on Amazon aren't entirely too happy about it either. Please let me know how the one from ebay works out for you once you get it :-)
  10. I seem to recall someone in here replacing their Fiesta antenna with a shorter model from the B-max. Can anyone confirm whether this works, and whether reception suffers from it ? I dislike the look of the long stock antenna :-D
  11. I'd go for Philips XTremevision plus or Osram nightbreakers instead (both are halogen). Most of the LED kits I've seen have overheating issues, and frankly output less light than a good halogen bulb.
  12. I've had one fitted by the dealer, but whether they used the one from the Diesel I dare not say. All I can tell you is that it's possible to get one that fits - it's not much but I thought I'd chip in anyway :-)
  13. I guess I'd better have them check it then. It's seated properly and doesn't move on its own. However it takes very little force to move it, whereas the other headlight I have to use quite a bit of force to move it. Thanks for the input.
  14. I just replaced the dipped bulbs on my Fiesta (changed to Philips XTreme Vision Plus), and noticed one of the bulbs is slightly loose. The way it's held in place, is by being clicked into 3 pieces of metal which work somewhat like a spring. However in one side of the car they don't appear to fixate it completely. Has any of you guys replaced bulbs and noticed similar behavior, or should I be worried? The car is only 1 month old, so I can easily take it to the dealership and have them look at it for free - it's just a hassle to go there, so if it's nothing I'd rather skip the trip :-)
  15. Thanks for the reply Willy, I've downloaded the PDF now :-)