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  1. That sounds exactly like my problem Mike-I had a look at the fuel lines, but I can't get to them all, finding a hole (if it's therer!) is going to be tricky!
  2. ok, i've check the fuel lines as best i can-no leaks that i can see. Less bubbles are coming through now anyway....BUT car STILL doesn't start properly! Just ordered a cam shaft position sensor from euro carparts so will see if that makes a difference. If not will have to concede and to to ford :(
  3. p.s. I only changed the filter itself, not the housing
  4. Ok, so I've now changed the fuel filter...primimg it was a bit of a pain and gave the battery a bit of abuse...Eventually got it to start again though and left it running to helpout the battery a bit. Whilst it was running i noticed that a load of bubbles were going through the outlet pipe every 10 to 15 seconds. Is this normal, or does it indicate i've got air getting in somewhere-which may well be the cause of the original starting problem like mike suggested...not had time to check the fuellines yet though....they also look like a pain to get to
  5. Yep same here Ippy, the cleaner didn't help...I don't know if one brand of glow plugs would be better than another? It's a 4 spanner job in Haynes (as is changing the EGR), I only trust myself up to 3 ^_^. I think it also depends on how old they are - if you've got loads of mileage then the glow plugs can become a bit deformed (so i'm told)..this can make them really tricky to get out-if you break them it could be mega-cost to have them drilled out. I'll have a go at the fuel filter this weekend when there is a bit of spare light!
  6. Cheers for the replies guys, i'll check out the fuel pipes and filter as soon as I get the chance... Those symptoms sound very similar to what i'm getting Gforce...not too encouraging that it's not been solved though! I do get error codes thrown out occasionally but they often get wiped and dissapear-I don't know what they are...the gu sat my local garage did mention it, but I can't remember now what it was, should have paid more attention :). It's got about 137K on the clock, MPG is pretty good, usually 55+, but then again most of it is longer drives rather than around town...
  7. Hi, I'm reluctant to go to ford with this as it's already cost enough! I have a 2005 mk2 2.0tdci 136 focus. For the last couple of months i've been having problems getting it started from cold. It's had new glow plugs, new EGR valve, new battery, but not fixed. From cold, it may or may not fire up first time but then after running for a few seconds at idle it dies. I can get around this by reving the engine for a few minutes (not ideal when it's cold!). Sometimes though the revs will drop whilst I still have my foot on the pedal, then pick up again. After revving for a little while it's usually ok and I can set off (once it did die again when i dipped the clutch to change gear just aftyer i'd set off-not ideal in the mioddle of an industrial estate!). After a few minutes it works fine and there is nothing wrong with the performance. The problem doesn't really happen when the engine is warm either. It's been to my local garage (v good, but not diesel specialists), as well as a diesel specialist place-neither can identify the problem, which makes me thionk it's electrical. I have had a dig around on the forums and it seems like there are loads of potential reasons e.g. cam sensor etc...I don't really want to pay ford to look at it all day then say its a £25 sensor! Anyone had the same syptoms?? Cheers
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums AL85 :)