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  1. latest update , i decided to strip the old engine so took of the timing chain cover so i could remove the fuel pump , set the timing first and discovered the front cam wheel was out about 4 teeth but why has it done this ? the chain and guides and tensioner all seem fine , so ive no idea why this engine has broke the cam box on the front cam . the only thing that i noticed in the whole strip down was that it looked as if the air filter had tried to go up the pipe , so i wonder if it had sucked up water ? anyone seen this happen on a mondeo . will take the head of next week and see if the bottom end is ok .
  2. ok alrite , so what about the remap ? has anyone remapped a tdci ?
  3. hi all , just wondering if any of you have had your tdci remapped , i was thinking if there is problems with your EGR because of fouling is it not over fuelling that causes this ~? i might try mine when i get the new engine fitted (cam-box failure) to try and reduce the fuel and give it more air .
  4. well you cant just set a cam box on , you would need it line-bored first , so ive just taken the engine out (boy was that a job) and im of to the ford breakers today to purchase a bare engine for 290 with 70000 miles on it . if you ever change the engine let me tell you it will take a whole day to take the old unit out lol . with a few phone calls people are saying that the cam chain tensioner was probably the cause with being over worn , i will be stripping the old unit to get my pump and other stuff of it so i will let you know .
  5. Well after checking what we could still no life in her , so we got the diagnostics man to have look and it kept bringing up the camshaft sensor , ok we put another one in and still the same , he said that when he was turning it over that she was maybe light on compression , so we took of the rocker cover to do a compression test and there it was , a nice broken cam carrier box where the front rocker shaft had tried to jump out , next job then is fit another box . Anybody ever done this ?
  6. thx bud i will try that if the other 2 fail , some say about the fuel cut-off switch but what would trigger that ? does anyone know where this switch is ?
  7. nnnnn hi all new on here , well here we go , ive just bought a mondeo 05 115 bhp tdci as a non runner , so im going to start and look it over tomorrow , ive already aquired a camshaft snsor and a crankshaft sensor . which i willchange one at a time , I WILL ALSO SEE THIS THROUGH ANDPOST THE RESULTS , i always see these topics but never the sollutions , so any good mondeo tdci mechanics tell me something else to try , i bought the car for 475 with 6 months mot , new clutch with receipt for 480 last year , 4 new tyres , black in colour , not a mark on her ,100000 miles .
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums lofty690 :)