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  1. Wheel Nuts/Studs

    Hi All!   So I went to what i though was a decent tyre place and got two new tyres and my alloys and steelies switched round.   When i went to take the wheels off to do my brakes however I sheered the head off one of the studs cause they are on soooo darn tight!! Definatly no torgue wrench used here just gunned up to the max.   I think I am going to new news Studs but  at EuroCar it's £5.09 each which means near £80 fot new studs not including a new set of Mcgaurd locking nuts.   Any advice on getting these off withough them breaking? I intend on going back to tyre place but if they break them getting them off where would i stand?
  2. Amazon Fire TV & NetGear Powerline 1200

    Pehaps look into installing Kodi to this device?   All anyone one at works talks about is how good it is
  3. Brake Windback

    I think the problem i had last time was that it was so damn stiff it just wouldnt wind back. Dont want a repeat lol.   Spose i could take one off and attempt windback before changing disc & Pads
  4. Brake Windback

    They are the ones with the silly holes but the Tool i have doesnt have anything to match holes.   Ill check to quality of the rears and if there MOTable ill just do the front.
  5. Brake Windback

    Need to do all round   Not what i was hoping for lol.   i Have a laser windback tool but it is Jeffing useless!
  6. Brake Windback

    Quick Question...   If i leave the caliper hooked up when changing disc's and pads would i still need to use a windback tool or would it go back with the power of my hands?   Last time i did it i took the caliper off complety and fudged it was unable to wind it back and wnded up taking them to kwik fit to get wound back.
  7. Key Code

    The Ford Penguin? Ford peregrine falcon? Ford Panda? Ford Pig? Ford Pug? - (basically the fords with french engines in)
  8. Spotting Your Old Cars

    I still see my first car driving round it's a *sudders* T reg Corsa, my Astra however has been recorded as crushed :D
  9. Price Of Petrol

    Indeed it did! 99.9 pence per litre on both Petrol & Diesel at my local Sainsburys!
  10. It's working again now wierdly :P Where should the earth be? ill have a look and see if that is the cause
  11. Bluewater Shopping Centre

    Cribbs has been a nightmare all week even up until closeing time!
  12. One Or Ps4

    Really? I havent heard about this but how cool will that be!
  13. One Or Ps4

    It is so good! 6 hours in so far only done a handful of quests becuase exploring is so addictive not to mention building your own settlements! far too much going on in this game :P
  14. Far Ye Fae Then?

    Born Weston-Super-Mare live in Weston-super-Mare only time i left was a brief stint in Axbridge when my mum and step dad were courting.
  15. One Or Ps4

    After playing fallout for a few hours over the weekend i have no problem with how much i spent! it is worth every penny!!