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  1. Tow Eye Cover

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-Ford-Spray-Paint-Aerosol/dp/B005QXJ7CS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1505751210&sr=8-2&keywords=avalon+spray MINTER! may just buy this, always handy to have the right colour around
  2. Tow Eye Cover

    That's good to know, is it defo spray though as only one I found when I looked a while ago where the touch up pens.
  3. Any ideas where I can find an Avalon Blue tow eye cover for the front bumper? Not to keen on having to get one painted.
  4. Head Unit / Stereo

    Hi All, Can any recommend a decent cheap head unit that will fit in a mk1.5 focus? Only thing it must have is a aux in, not bothered about anything else. think its single DIN it must be too
  5. Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Quick quesey, how difficult was it to wrap the car? I found it hard enough doing small bits inside
  6. HELP!

    Cant really say at the mo, just in case I need to take things further but it was a local reputable garage
  7. HELP!

    This is the only exterior damage I had when I broke down. this is the cam belt housing I believe?
  8. HELP!

    Hmm..... well inspection should hopefully clear things up and come back in my favour. Picking up an 03 focus 1.6 petrol estate later on today. Dog of a car but it's to keep me going
  9. HELP!

    Inspection is booked in. the car is a 57 plate but 08 build. they have said the cam belt runs the fuel pump which when seized stripped the belt.
  10. HELP!

    Hi all, some back story first. Focus 1.8TDCI 124K on the clock 57 plate. In for cambelt on Friday all was good. Saturday however the cambelt snaps after only 10miles. recovered straight back to the garage who today have told me the fuel pump seized which caused the belt to snap and apparently this is an issue affecting these cars. he said there was a recall in the states but not here. I'm a bit in limbo right now, trying to book a independent inspection for a second opinion. Does anyone know if the fuel pump seizing is an issue?
  11. Hi All, Been having a few issue with the ol girl recently but pretty sure after changing the MAF sensor that I have a split hose / leak somewhere around the turbo. Can anyone point me towards some clear images of the turbo location and advise on how easy it is to get to the hoses using axel stands? Looking at getting these as a replacement. http://dphsiliconehose.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=61&product_id=300 need to keep the car going as long as possible so want some decent product the should last longer. Currently on 117K with the cambelt lined up to be done but need this sorted before I splash bigger cash.
  12. Interior Mats

    Hi all, Any ideas where I can pick up JUST a drivers side mat? I don't want to buy 4 new ones as all the others are in perfect condition. thanks
  13. Any Car Sales Executives?...

    No doubt youll be calling up Motability a fair bit, So i look forward to perhaps speaking with you If you are going to be dealing with purchasing used cars too.
  14. m.o.t hornet

    She knows someone who lost thier Partner in a bike accident and is wrried about that, Not to mention when i had a Moped i was hit by a Corsa! I love Bikes and it would make me happy to have one, so weather that is selfish or what I would still get one regardless if she were to leave, If someone stops you doing one thing they'll stop you doing more . Doubt she would leave anyway..............................
  15. m.o.t hornet

    I want a Motorbike so bad! My Mrs dosent want me getting one though and said she'll leave me if i do ! Challange accepted i suppose as my folks are getting me lessons for my birthday