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  1. Fusion 1.6 Tdci (05 Reg) Intermittent Ignition Problem

    Thanks. At electronics specialist as we speak; done all the diagnostics etc and I think he's come to the same conclusion as you... This problem does prop up from time to time on this model / engine but nobody has a definite solution thus far.
  2. Hi, every so often the ignition system seems to die. Works perfectly then the next time I go to start up the amber light flashes and nothing happens. Eventually it will start (seemingly when it feels like it) but a really frustrating intermittent fault. Have replaced the ignition barrel with no effect, so would be grateful if anyone knows if this is a common fault; if so what's usually the problem. Car excellent in all other respects. Cheers Nick.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Bramble1960 :)