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  1. I've had first service, may get second booked for next month just to make sure all looks ok. Maybe it's the cold weather making it worse for me. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Ah sorry, it's a 1.4, its done about 22,000 miles.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice please- I've had my fiesta from new and I love it, however the last 2 tanks of fuel are going a lot quicker than any I've had before. I haven't changed style of driving (if anything I've been extra careful with acceleration and braking since I saw the fuel needle dropping faster) - but I am at a loss as to what's happened, it's getting quite bad (about 300 miles to a tank). My daily commute is about 20 miles, mostly motorway. Does anyone have any ideas- is it definitely something I am doing, or do I need to try some of that stuff you put in the fuel tank to clean it maybe? I normally fill up at sainsburys but the last 2 tanks have been from BP and Total. Any suggestions gratefully received! It's a 1.3 Zetec diesel. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Grisidis :)