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  1. They look really good!
  2. Cheers, I'm unsure at the moment just realised I had the holders haha
  3. Hello, can anyone tell me which bulb I will need to plug into the standard bulb holders found in the footwell on a ford focus mk2.5? Cheers :)
  4. Ok thank you, Im looking at Lenny's guide now
  5. Hello Preee you mentioned that it was possible to hook up the LEDs so that they came on and off with the courtesy light, I was just wondering how this was possible :)
  6. Ok cheers i've already looked at Guide on Soldering SMD LED lights which is very usefull, i'll give the rest a read :)
  7. Ok thank you, you've been a massive help!!
  8. Yeah I was looking at SMD LED strips, quite cheap and easy to install. Not sure whether to get green or blue though. Final question (hopefully), if I pop down to the scrap yard a pick up a button (switch) for the demister panel is it quite easy to pop in it?
  9. I used to have some for my old car (clio) but they didnt last very long, any recommendations?
  10. I thinking on all the time unless manually turned off, the courtesy light is broke in my car need to go to scrap yard to fetch a new switch/button. Thank you for helping me out the minute ive figured out and installed the lights ill get some pictures up :)
  11. Ahh my mistake :) And im planning on fitting lights in the foot wells
  12. Hello I've recently bought a Ford focus 1.8 TDCI (58 plate) and was wondering if it was possible to hook wires up to an empty switch located on the demister panel (picture below) which would then be used to tun interior lighting on and off? Thank you :)
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Newfordowner :)