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  1. Speaker Issue

    That's my next port of call, day off work monday so i'll be taking head unit out to see whats what
  2. Speaker Issue

    Pretty certain I did, although not to easy to check them fully as they have a rubber seal round them.
  3. Speaker Issue

    Have taken speaker out and wired it up to home cinema and it was fine so appears speaker is working, therefore seems more likely to be problem at head unit end, any ideas anyone??
  4. Speaker Issue

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 2008 2.0TDCi Zetec, which has a few extra toys including bluetooth, voice control and 6 disc Sony head unit, having changed from a Renault Laguna this car is in a different class. Only problem I have, is I noticed the other day that the rear passenger side speaker (woofer & tweeter) have no sound coming from them, I have had the door panel off to check all cables but these seem to be fine, wondered if anyone had any idea as to how I can resolve this problem??
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums mondeowolf :)