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  1. I have a Fiesta Tit with the Ford Sat nav. Is it possible to set up an audible speed camera warning I have been through the menu but cannot find out how to do this. My neighbour has a Fiesta Zetec with the same sat nav (bought within a few days of mine and his gives this warning) - very confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. This is my third Titty. They all had twin tone horns except my new one .It has a beep beep horn (cheapskates at Ford).I purchased a pair second hand from E Bay from a recent Focus they will fit but you will have to use the Fiesta bracket which is made to take two horns. The driver's side headight to be removed - only takes a few minutes.Good luck.
  3. Thanks Spanner will try that. Will ignore other comment.
  4. I replaced my old Fiesta 7.5 with a new one in March. To my disgust the horn on my new motor is a horrible 'beep beep' horn the old motor had a nice twin tone. I purchased a pair of twin tones from a Focus but had to use the Fiesta bracket to make them fit. Now when I press the horn button there is a vibration from the horn. I have tried spacers to ensure that they do not touch the body or any other part of the car so can only assume the bracket is the problem. Any ideas?
  5. I am about to order my new Fiesta ( I know there is a new one on the way). The dealer will try to get me to buy Gap Insurance.I think it is a rip off - what do you think?
  6. Many thanks for all your responses. I think I will keep it. Spend my money on s*x,drugs and rock and roll.
  7. I own a Fiesta Ecoboost 100 Titanium, its 3rd anniversary is rapidly approaching do I buy a new one or keep this one. It is a great little car never caused any problems and I really like it but I realise that it has a newish engine with a turbo and expensive if it goes wrong when out of warranty. I have been driving for 40 odd years and during that time have wasted money on more than 38 cars ranging from a 911 Porsche, Twin Cam Escort and Frogeye Sprite but it has been fun. What do I do?
  8. I own a Titanium Ecoboost I can connect my phone but not a lot more. A new Fiesta is scheduled for 2017. Look at the latest (whispering) Corsa. Internet Radio and One Star creates your own Hot Spot .I don't think I would ever buy a Corsa but Ford seem very slow in 'Up Teching' the Fiesta. What do you think?
  9. I've had a bit of an altercation with a post. The rear bumper has hairline cracks in the paint. Does anyone know if there is a product available to deal with this problem rather than have the bumper repainted?
  10. I have a 7.5 Ecoboost. Some time ago the drivers door sounded like a bag of nails when shut. No satisfying 'clunk'. I returned it to the supplying dealer who said it was a bodywork matter and they could not deal with it referring me to a Ford bodyshop in Penkridge Staffs. I complained to Ford HQ they said Penkridge is only 15 miles away and should not be a problem - the problem was that it is at least 20 miles away up the Car Park called theM6. Anyway having removed the door card and found nothing I took the car to my local non-franchise garage. They removed the door card and the inner panel and discovered that the strengthening strut was not bonded to the outer skin of the door. Duly bonded in and hey presto nice quiet clunk. It was worth paying to have this work done.
  11. There is a 'new' Fiesta on its way. There is a brief video on You Tube under 2016 Fiesta - not sure if it is the one we will get. Seems to have the same shape grill as the latest Focus and touch screen tech inside. I was going to change my ecoboost early next year but think I will wait a bit
  12. It is not usually the steering rack or its column but the universal joint that connects the two.
  13. I had this problem with my previous Fiesta. At first the joint at the bottom of the steering column was greased - that worked for a couple of months but the clunk came back. Then the bottom universal joint at the bottom of the steering column was replaced and problem solved. All under warranty.
  14. Hello. I think it must be the clamp at the bottom of the steering column. It rotates with the shaft. Not much you can do about that.
  15. Hi folks, Does any one know if the Fiesta Ecoboost has a cam belt or chain. The reason I am asking is that I have seen it written that the engine has a cam belt running in oil - that sounds like a chain to me.