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  1. Happy Birthday TinaP354!

  2. Yaayy Back To Bath Tomorrow!!

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      How long betweens baths? :P

  3. Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 Revving Problem???

    Thank you, I'll have a look at the air intake hose tomorrow and see what I can find! X
  4. Basically i drove home from university the other day which was 140 miles straight down the m5, however when i got into my town and change down gears my car started reeving on its own accord! i thought it was just me as it was late at night and i was a little tired.. however ever since when i start driving and i change gear, i dip the clutch then change gear and as soon as i dip the clutch and say pull it down to second gear it revs dramatically on its own accord reaching 3000 revs sometimes, no matter what gear i change it to it does it. Its reaches up to 4000 when i go to first then stop and go to neutral or even when i go straight to neutral it goes mental and doesn't stop revving until i either brake and wait for abit or go change gear and pull off...Does anyone have any idea what it could be?...Iv checked the obvious things like clutch, accelerator linkage or getting stuck, air filters and anything else mechanical it could be, does anyone know of any electrical problems that could cause this??
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