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  1. Hi all, i recently purchased a 1999 Fiesta Zetec 16V 1.25, my first fiesta so be kind guys lol. Nice car but the initial problems ive noticed are followed; Engine cutting out when cold after two mins of driving - Ive done some research on this and ive cleaned the iscv and gave her new spark plugs and ht leads but the problem still persists. what i have noticed is when cold starting the idle speed is at around 800 rpm and doesent change when the engine have warmed, does this suggest a faulty sensor somewhere hence some sort of fuel starvation when the engine is cold? Engine Running cold - After driving to cardiff and back which is around 25 mile each way i noticed the temp barely got above quarter of the temp gauge at its peak, and hovered just above cold for the majority of the journey, surely this cant be right lol. if it is a problem could it be down to a dodgey thermostat? Ive done plenty of work on my classic mini but this is my first "modern" car so im willing to do some work to keep the cost to a minimum so any help will be great! Thanks all
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums ODD1991 :)