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  1. By the time we will be selling the car in 3 ish years time it's going to have over 120K miles on the clock and 10+years old. Dont really think there will be a great difference in resale value between a full Ford service history and a full service history, although I can see where you are coming from as it may swing a buyers mind known that the car has had dealer servicing (for what its worth). Gates @ Stortford dont offer (on the website) a service for £99, its £169. I am looking at Marshalls of Cambridge who do offer a value service (on the website) @ £99 or £139 with an MOT which the car needs at the same time. Nathan - sadly its not just Ford, BMW are no better with stock levels around here. Suspect its down to "bean counters" who want to keep the stock levels as low as possible as it costs them money to stock items. When I had a BMW, local BMW garage did not have front brake disks in stock for a previous model 3 series.
  2. Thanks all. Seems independent is the way to go just need to find a suitable garage. If anyone can recommend a garage locally to Bishops Stortford or south Cambridge would be great.
  3. Have an 06 1.6TDCI which has 83000 on the clock. Just come out of a 3 year Ford Service program and have been offered another 3 year service program for around £450. I am looking at keeping the car for another 3 years. Ford Service is OK, but they do seem to charge for absolutely everything else and if you read the check list, most of it is seems to be a visual check which makes a oil filter & oil change expensive at £150 a time. I guess many on the forum are self maintenance people, but I really dont have the time or the knowledge. Whats the forums thoughts on this... Main dealer or Independent garage - based Bishops stortford/Cambridge area? If Main dealer - which one have you have good results at ? If Independent - which one have you have good results at? Chris
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums chhym :)