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  1. Mondeo Clicking Brake Pedal

    Unfortunately it's back again 24 hours later.
  2. Mondeo Clicking Brake Pedal

    Sorted.........for now. Brake switch plunger lubricated with light-weight grease. Probable cause? The heater being used a lot more recently and drying out the switch plunger (well it is February) and it intermittently sticking on the final travel as I removed my foot from the pedal. Hope this is useful to others I will advise if any changes occur. Gary
  3. Can anyone offer me some assistance please? My 2010 60 reg 2.0 tdci has an annoying intermittent click as I release the brake pedal. Other forums/sites imply this is a known issue that Ford refuse to fix as it is not a safety issue! Before I start the ball rolling with my local dealer can anyone offer any advice or a possible fix? Thanks in anticipation Gary
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums SOSGC :)