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  1. Ecoboost First Gear Lacking?

    Hi thanks for the reply. Yes i guess that must be whats happening. I am used to driving the 1.6 fiesta i guess i just need to give it a bit more go :)
  2. Hi all, picked up a fiesta titanium x 100 ecoboost at the weekend and i must say i really love it at the moment. Only one thing i have noticed is when you first start off in first it can feel a bit sluggish and reluctant then all of a sudden without increasing rev's it will pick up a bit on its own. Is this common with this engine? Sorry if its been asked before! It almost feels like your starting in 2nd or 3rd without the juddering or feeling you will stall though and then suddenly everything just clicks. Thanks! :)
  3. Happy Birthday danny91!

  4. Welcome to the Ford forums danny91 :)