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  1. was actually looking at some like that for front and back mate :)
  2. not actually thought of that for some reason will get them done when it goes for re spray . thanks for that dan :)
  3. This is my baby , still a lot to do to her but think she looks ok at the moment , whats the thoughts and ideas of you all . :) :D
  4. New To The Forum

    hi candi and Daniel and thanks , yeh they are nice rims but they also cost a pretty penny lol ,
  5. Got Stopped By The Police Last Night....

    I never go in with attitude ive found if you are ok with them , then they will treat you with respect . I have had a few episodes at my work , ive caught people with drugs like coke ect , soon as the police come they started giving it the big time gangster attitude , but what he didn't count on is an ex boxer and now a body builder pouncing on him ie MEEE lol , ive found you help the police they help you . which is why hopefully im soon to become a special . :)
  6. New To The Forum

    hi and thanks guys , theres still a lot of work to be done yet , going to put new bushes and rubbers on , strut braces , put my new full stainless decat system on it ect, then its time to do the interior , which I cant wait for lol . hope to get to meet you all in person soon , hopefully at ford fair . :) :) :) :)
  7. Got Stopped By The Police Last Night....

    I have a few friends which are BIB they are the soundest people ive ever known , in the time ive known them ive noticed that the ones that have been in the forces for a few years are more easy going , where as newbies tend to try anything to book you to build there brownie points . ive been pulled a couple of times now and they have been very understanding and reasonable , apart from the one time it was a young lad I could tell he was a newbie , he asked me for license , insurance , ect , then went around the whole of my car trying to find bits wrong with it . what he wasn't aware of was ive been building and fixing cars since I was 7 years of age and my cars are maintained every month lol , I popped my head out of window and said if you can find anything wrong with my car matey I will give you double of what you earn a month , he then came round to me and tried doing me for being cocky lol .
  8. Helloooooo Newby Here!!!

    welcome to the forum lisa im still trying to work it all out lol , that's a nice looking motor you have , hopefully we will all get to meet each other in person on meets . :)
  9. hi all would any one fancy a Nottinghamshire area meet any ford modded or not , can meet up have a bite to eat , and get to meet each other and have a good laugh . :) :D
  10. New To The Forum

    hiya lisaT24 , thanks ive not finished playing with it yet lol , looking forward to chatting meeting and greeting members on the forums , hopefully ill be at ford fair in august . :) :D
  11. New To The Forum

    hi and thanks :)
  12. New To The Forum

    some more pics
  13. Car Mods - What Floats Your Boat?

    1. engine mods 2. ecu remap 3. stability eg. bushes, anti-roll bar , strut braces 4. alloys and all terrain tyres 5. body work . 6. interior .
  14. Midland Meets

    any meets around Nottingham area ? :)
  15. hi all im new to ford club , my name is barry im 26 years of age ,this is my first focus ive owned ,looking forward to meets and advice and help. ive attached a pic of my new baby , look forward to chatting with you all . :)