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  1. Does it have the ability to upgrade yet? Looks a little bit less geeky than ELM?
  2. I insisted on both the "proper" display on both dash and radio, but its not the larger than large nav screen obviously. By proper I mean it's like a TFT screen, rather than an LCD/LED type I guess? Reading around, is there a sure fire way to swap the ODO onto the 4 screen trip computer rather than average speed? I know people have tried to get ford to upgrade it. Also, HEC upgrades available like ELMConfig did on the 2.5? I guess this FoCCCus tool might do it?
  3. Titanium (not X, not nav).... so I should have DDS and Hill Start. Just to note, theres nothing wrong with the 2.5 - solid as a rock TDCI. Just time for a change. Very sad to lose the 2.5 though. Awesome car
  4. So, having racked up 177000 miles in my 59 plate mk2.5, it's time to move on. Getting a 61 plate mk3 at the weekend, and although older than I'd have liked, only 30k on the clock. Are there any "must have" easy mods on the mk3 like the 2.5's heater controls? ELMConfig options? Also anyone know if DAB+ is available in a radio firmware upgrade?
  5. I'm surprised ELM works too. I had a 52 plate 1.8 tdci and it was a pain in the !Removed! trying to find cheapo code readers that worked - it's definitely not 100% compliant in my experience. Very much in the changeover period, so some examples I guess may be ODB2 compliant, but mine wasn't.
  6. I liked the idea of the Blufin devices that remove your standard map for security. Yes it can be added back in, but its a neat way to annoy the hell out of the thief.
  7. I've never known it regen. The missus has a 1.2 "eco" ibiza (hahaha... ECO!!!) and you do sometimes get the smell from a regen. Never noticed it on mine. Well based on the above, I guess it may well be disabled. I bought it at 51k, and after a bit of an argument both ways with the place that sold it about a vibration, I kept it. Still vibrates weirdly now, but no worse. My point is that I'd be very surprised if it has been disabled. Would you bother on your less than 50k car? Did all 2.0 136's on the facelift have a DPF? Maybe I'm worrying over nothing. It's a constant fear haha.. be nice to cross one possible melt down off the list. I guess I'm now into injector fail time but fingers crossed its all good. It's not all motorway miles, but I very very rarely do short journeys. Ford ECO mode on the dash sometimes tells me 90% of my journeys are with a cold engine.... which is true, but they're all 60 miles minimum haha. Can't do everything...
  8. 144,000 2.0 TDCI 2009. I do a few miles. Done the big stuff, timing belt etc, alternator died at about 70k which was annoying. I've had the clutch and DMF done even though I think in hindsight it wasn't 100% ready. At the moment its going well. Does some odd things, vibration/miss at about 1900rpm but its done it since I bought it at 50k. egr valve has been blanked since 60k, and now doesn't work (I removed the blank, it was terrrible, I put it back!). Don't like to think about the DPF - I've not touched it, so its done 144k on the same juice. I do a lot of miles, but I assume at some point it will stop working?
  9. Apologies for the delay, but thanks for the clarification Tom :) Cheers.
  10. Just so you know, annoyingly the Sony DAB radio does not support DAB+, which means you'll miss 2/3 stations from the upcoming Digital 2 multiplex.
  11. I've had the EGR valve blanked in my car for 2/3 years now. Annoying the DTC code randomly pops up from time to time. Doesn't cause any issue other than it masks any other possible engine fault at the same time. Therefore, can the particular DTC code be disabled? I used ELMConfig regularly, but would also be happy to buy a ford cable and aquire IDS if someone can confirm it's possible. I don't want to delete and remove the EGR - I'm happy with it blanked, just want the DTC code disabled.
  12. Happy Birthday vibeone!

  13. Well for about a year my EGR blank wasn't sealed properly! Now it is, but still got the wobble at very slight throttle Maybe not connected then. Thanks for reply anyway!
  14. Any longer term updates on this? I have a similar fault, but it actually occured after I blanked the EGR.
  15. Yeah the 2.0 on mine goes through phases - it'll be fine for months, and tens of thousands of miles, then decide EML - EGR Circuit high etc. Does anyone know whether the EGR valve itself still moves while the pipe is blanked?