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  1. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    Like I said, if you definitely have Sync, you don't need to worry - I think any will work. CCC is Central Configuration. IE: FoCCCus :)
  2. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    The display will work by just swapping it, but you do need to update the CCC for best effect - navigation echo's onto the dash cluster which looks cool AF :) I believe the Sync version doesn't matter, and actually an early "non-sync" will work with Sync. It's just the later ones don't have BT/VC functionality.
  3. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    I found one on ebay. I needed an early version which has support for BT/VC nokia system (pre-Sync). If you have 2 direction pads on the steering wheel (And volume below opposite cruise), you have an early vehicle and will need a sat nav display from a 2011/12 vehicle. Older ones will work, but your bluetooth won't work anymore. So basically.. just luck!
  4. Sat nav connections

    The green is for camera input, although some units have this as the beige fakra.
  5. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    thanks for getting back to me - I'll give it a miss as I was already thinking that!
  6. Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    iantt, since this thread has been bumped anyway, how did you manage to get the updated colour scheme? I have an original full TFT, upgraded to latest firmware with the odo in the top left, and added sat nav but still got the old colours.
  7. Power Remains On After Ignition Turned Off?

    I use a battery saver set to 12.2v on a perm live. BTW, apparently power remaining on (dash lit up etc) could be a sign of the HEC hybrid cluster failing (fixable, common fault apparently). Hopefully not in your case!
  8. To good to be true?

    yep factory fit. Um stupid question but where are they located? Where should I look. I like the look of the 18s but the turning circle is awful. Not sure on the ride either.
  9. Phil's Build Thread

    I couldn't find the loom plug and got very very close to giving up and cutting. It is there, it's just helpfully hidden by black tape (well it was for me anyway).
  10. To good to be true?

    I already have the turning circle of a bus with my 18s but I have a set of 17s ready to go - do I need to remove anything when I swap them? Rack Limiters etc?
  11. Phil's Build Thread

    It's proper mk3 yeah. £75 off amazon (with a £5 off voucher). Mental expensive but it just matches better with the handbrake etc. Love it! Not sure if its metal but it feels like it. Feels quality, and obviously love the fact it's wired straight in and you can adjust the glow with the dash buttons :D The wite cable is just an apple lightning cable with a sticky cable holder thing. Works with my phone on a Quadlock thing.
  12. Phil's Build Thread

    Need to start my own thread but...
  13. My ZS - Weatherstrips

    Mine were held on by masking tape when I got the car :)
  14. Well either I'm a simpleton or (as I maintain) I got it stuck. I'm *sure* I tried holding it and it just wouldn't reset. Anyway, it does work now (I reset at the weekend for camera install).
  15. Reversing camera and Active Park Assist

    Haha sorry... it's just so OEM! Its incredible really. So happy with it and massive thanks to you Victory and the others who've shared the info.