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  1. I guess I may just need to take it in, just wondered if anyone else had the same or similar issues. It's kinda like the anti-stall is a bit over-sensitive?
  2. Already had the PCM update which *seemed* to fix it for a while, but it came back. It's not as bad, but still does it. Tell me about the TPS... seems a common fault but not sure the symptoms match up? Thanks!
  3. I'm with you. My last car I had 4 and a half years worth of fill ups including fuel brand :S
  4. Sorry I missed the 3.5 bit. Forscan available at You don't need a licence for autolock as far as I'm aware.
  5. ForScan and Focccus can turn it on. BTW, i found the same - you can enable the programming mode with 3 lock/unlock's but nothing works once in that mode - you must use FoCCCus or Forscan.
  6. Weird one, that isn't very serious but I'd like to sort. mk3, 2.0 tdci 140 2011... Car is stationary, out of gear. I lightly press my foot on the accelerator, and the revs slowly increase (lets say to 1k). I keep my foot at exactly the same point, but the revs continue to increase (approx 1.5/1.8k) without me applying any more pressure before eventually dropping quickly back to where it was. I've also noticed this when pulling away. Sounds like I can't drive - but it's not me doing it. It's not everytime, and appear to be when I lightly dab the accelerator pedal (so doesn't occur when I pull away quickly). Any ideas?!
  7. I just came here to say the exact same thing. I've used Road Trip since the guy ran beta tests. It's a superb app, cannot recommend it enough. If you're geeky enough to fill it in religiously, it gives great stats!
  8. The phone you have connected to it. It's bluetooth stuff. Bar graph is signal, battery is battery status of the phone.
  9. Never had the crash indicator fire, but I think despite the warnings, if you have an as-built, you'd have to have bad luck to completely brick your car. I accidentally turned on loads of stuff the car didn't have and all hell broke loose, but easily fixed. Also, even with VCM you get the mass of comms errors so that just seems to be the system.
  10. Just block it. So easy on that engine, even I managed it. Much much smoother. (at least as a temporary test)
  11. Problems with the laptops they use? My fake VCM and Surface Pro seems to handle them fine ;)
  12. Let me know if you need the cable back haha - I'll happily test first though. Some people seem to think the russian thing works with canbus?
  13. Victory.... guess who(!) If I do this, one considering my ineptitude, do you reckon I can do this, and also if you use the russian method, can you still optionally overlay park pilot as per the original? Also, where does the camera actually fit?
  14. I get the whole aftermarket/stock argument, having been 100% aftermarket before my mk2.5, but I just like the stock look, and mine had dab and bluetooth, and the sound wasn't particularly bad. But admittedly if you need to wire a DAB aerial in, I appreciate the extra effort involved - I've just added a new DAB aerial to my mk3 because the reception was terrible!
  15. Good point, but I was under the impression you could fairly easily retrofit the oval 2.5's into the 2?