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  1. yep factory fit. Um stupid question but where are they located? Where should I look. I like the look of the 18s but the turning circle is awful. Not sure on the ride either.
  2. I couldn't find the loom plug and got very very close to giving up and cutting. It is there, it's just helpfully hidden by black tape (well it was for me anyway).
  3. I already have the turning circle of a bus with my 18s but I have a set of 17s ready to go - do I need to remove anything when I swap them? Rack Limiters etc?
  4. It's proper mk3 yeah. £75 off amazon (with a £5 off voucher). Mental expensive but it just matches better with the handbrake etc. Love it! Not sure if its metal but it feels like it. Feels quality, and obviously love the fact it's wired straight in and you can adjust the glow with the dash buttons :D The wite cable is just an apple lightning cable with a sticky cable holder thing. Works with my phone on a Quadlock thing.
  5. Need to start my own thread but...
  6. Mine were held on by masking tape when I got the car :)
  7. Well either I'm a simpleton or (as I maintain) I got it stuck. I'm *sure* I tried holding it and it just wouldn't reset. Anyway, it does work now (I reset at the weekend for camera install).
  8. Haha sorry... it's just so OEM! Its incredible really. So happy with it and massive thanks to you Victory and the others who've shared the info.
  9. Just to add btw, I was wrong. Park pilot is working perfectly on the screen. It's all working great.
  10. Pretty sure I tried holding auto but I'll try again at lunch. I'm concerned its something I've messed about with in Focccus if that's how you're meant to sync :/ Thanks though - will report back! :)
  11. Another week, another stupid question from me. I've got the climate control option on my mk3. When I've been messing about with Focccus or VCM, and I've reset things, the climate control acts as a single zone. Turning the right hand temp dial alters both sides. Display shows "Temperature". If a passenger turns the left hand side, the system 'splits' - display says "Passenger Temperature", and subsequently if I turn the right dial, display shows "Driver Temperature". That's great. However, there doesn't seem to be any way of setting back to single zone. Usually on other car's pressing Auto syncs the 2 sides back to act as one. However, this doesn't work, and I can't find any way to reset aside from flashng the CCC again. Am I missing something obvious?
  12. Yellow would be a statement! Think subtle might be the way to go. I just know I'd screw it up - although at least I can hide the rough edge at the back on the fins :)
  13. I do like the idea of an 'accent' on one of the bars like your blue ones. Not sure what colour would go with candy red and the gloss black though.
  14. Still so damn angry that they can't picture and describe a product properly! Anyway, ordered these on prime for delivery wednesday. The ebay link above option is out of stock so I didn't have much choice... Does Fuse 42 usage negate the need for voltage checking btw? I'm assuming it's an ignition live?
  15. Phil - they look identical to these I've got - I guess they just come with different control boxes. you can purchase them from Amazon on prime for Sunday but it seems such a mish mash I'd rather send back and get the kit. victory - purely because I'm impatient I'll probably go for the eBay ones. Even tempted to find somewhere that'll let me collect tomorrow.... so angry!!!