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  1. I got pushed sideways down a motorway by a HGV. Aviva clearly wanted to write it off from my description but I insisted I didn't want that to happen. although you won't change their mind if it's not even close, you can pressure them. So if you want it repaired - make sure you let them know.
  2. Um.. I had a car melt down last night - used as built from another car and it got very angry. All sorted with a restore from my own as built anyway this morning...
  3. Ordered last night :)
  4. I wonder if a firmware update might help the display in general with my pilot issue ordering now!
  5. And it just goes straight in and works? No risk of not being paired to a VIN or anything? if so I'll just buy it for that price thanks
  6. Will do! Many thanks so I need to order a v7 card off eBay. Will any non-touch "v7" card work?
  7. Thanks guys - that gives me something to try then Tezza. Did you just use auto trader to find the right car?
  8. Tezza, I can do that I guess. Did you have the park pilot issue or not applicable? sounds like a good plan - I have the ref of the 5" screen donor car too so could also look at that. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Got these DTCs after resetting... god antenna fair enough but the incompatible message is odd. Nothing untoward happening and reports on the interwebs of others having the same error
  10. Thanks victory - I thought about your VCM cable for an update but I'm assuming your updates didn't add it back? Tezza - 157 - Bluetooth handsfree - BT/VC +info + nav 172 - touchscreen to MFD5 (was 4) 214 - ICP - branded navigation ICP. just to repeat, if I switch back to the 4.2 screen everything just works as it should without any focccus mods so I suspect it's just weirdnesses of the screen. not bothered about the DAB service button but the park pilot screen is a bit of a shame. BTW, I don't suppose anyone has an SD card I can borrow in the south yorks area do they? I'll happily buy one but I want to test now! Assumed They'd be available on torrents but it appears I need to buy one but I'm impatient!
  11. The 4.2 original is am5t-18b955-ch and the new 5 inch is am5t-18b955-dj and is marked MFD LOW. Either it's just not supported, or maybe the FCDIM needs a firmware update? not a disaster since park pilot still beeps but it's annoying. Btw, Bluetooth and voice control work fine, as does park assist (message on screen)
  12. Just switched the displays back and forth and it's definitely FCDIM based it appears and I can't see any further options in focccus or FORScan to enable :( see attached photos.
  13. Reset didn't help. Also noticed park pilot beeps work but doesn't show up on display. Is this because all 5" screen options had a reversing camera?
  14. Not yet. I did the central config before fitting to see what would happen! I'll try a reset now.
  15. Sorry mate I misspoke (typing on a phone in a service area!). Ive already done the central config - I have the navigation options just errors due to the lack of sd card - but I can sort that. On the DAB radio mode, on my old screen the options at the bottom were Service, Manual, Scan, Text. On the new, service is missing