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  1. Appreciate the help - yep that appears to be it. Where has teh image come from and what do the arrows represent? It looks a disaster, but I'm thinking it cannot be as bad as it looks?
  2. Wrong engine mate. This is the problem I'm having - the 140 doesn't have that big engine cover, just one half the size they seem rare
  3. Mk3 61 plate with 30k on it. Got a Lot to live up to!
  4. That's not where I've seen it then... ill have a look in the morning
  5. I have found it, since I know the housing to look for from my old focus, but on the 140 it seems to be half buried under the front of the engine. Any tips on how to swap it out? Also is the sump and plug in a similar location to the mk2.5? Very little info about this engine.
  6. I can't seem to find any "DX" screens on eBay or elsewhere where are you guys getting them from?!
  7. One probably final update from me... ive sold it. Begrudgingly really. It's been amazing, no major issues and Although the judder was still just about there, I'm selling it with 177000 miles on it. 120k odd with me at the wheel. my profile photo was taken on the day I bought the car. Here she is today, just before I sorned her: Can you tell the mileage?
  8. Could be, but could be not. Does it sound flat? Generally speaking if it sounds ok it probably is. Any error codes to go on? Immobiliser?
  9. Um...
  10. Adam, not trying to be arsey (really, I'm not)... but you might want to start another thread - just because there is no real connection between what you are trying to do and what I am doing - other than a similar aim! Might get confusing otherwise. Admittedly my thread could have been worded better!
  11. Any ideas on model numbers? None Sony version (does it matter?) here:
  12. Is there a name for "SYNC 0" or is it just the BT/VC thing as named on ETIS? Might have a look at swapping it then.
  13. Let me know if you get anywhere :)
  14. Thanks, So do we think a straight replacement of the "stereo" plus facia is enough? Is SyncV1 really worse than the legacy stuff?
  15. Car I'm buying looks like this: I don't really like built in sat nav's but just for the sake of completeness, I'm interested in the costs of installing, and (more importantly) the ease of doing so. Is it possible? Are there any others benefits to the 5.5inch screen? The car does not have sync, and has the older BT voice stuff which I really like (and have heard in some ways is better than SYNC V1), but is it compatible with the 5.5" screen? Thanks!