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  1. "engine Judder" Around 1800 Rpm

    Well for about a year my EGR blank wasn't sealed properly! Now it is, but still got the wobble at very slight throttle Maybe not connected then. Thanks for reply anyway!
  2. "engine Judder" Around 1800 Rpm

    Any longer term updates on this? I have a similar fault, but it actually occured after I blanked the EGR.
  3. Blanked Egr, Now Eml Is On 18,000 Miles Later

    Yeah the 2.0 on mine goes through phases - it'll be fine for months, and tens of thousands of miles, then decide EML - EGR Circuit high etc. Does anyone know whether the EGR valve itself still moves while the pipe is blanked?
  4. Bizarrely mine also says 89's but they've not been on since I bought the car. Oops Hopefully it's over spec tho
  5. I agree.... So am I going nuts or is artscot still not linking to a tyre with all the right specs? It might well be a good tyre, but if it's not available it's not available.
  6. Top 2 links couldn't find a match, blackcircles do them in 89s but not the extra load that is standard fit to the car. Don't get me wrong, I know speed indexes and the extra load stuff are not 100% required to match, but even so, they don't appear to be available in this very specific size: 205/50/R17 V 93.
  7. Put blank panel back in and it's an instant fix Pretty fair to say my EGR system is b0rked - I'll leave it blanked!
  8. Art.. You said that in my thread, but I never found them in 205/50/17 93s - even the link you gave did not have that specification available.
  9. Which Is The Better 1.6Tdci 2.0Tdci Engine

    Yeah it came on sometimes, always EGR Circuit A high or something like that - reset cleared it, sometimes it cleared itself. Weirdly seemed to eventually 'get' the fact I wasn't going to fix it, and stopped coming on.
  10. If the GYs run out as quicker as I suspect they will, I'll probably join you. My hatred towards the ZV5s are generally down to 2 things: i) Pulling away I get wheelspin on pretty much any surface ii) In the wet they seem particularly awful. In the dry though, they are as good as any. I should also point out to anyone finding this thread on google or whatever, that I'm very much in the minority in hating ZV5s!
  11. I had ZV5s on the front (don't like them, but they're cheapest of an expensive bunch of mid-range tyres), and Goodyear EfficientGrips on the back. For some reason last time the car was in the garage they swapped front to back. Haven't bothered to switch back yet, but the Goodyears feel better on the front. I don't drive particularly fast but I can tell a cheap tyre from a brand.
  12. So I had a car with no problems. 18 months ago fitted a EGR blank. Broke one of the two bolts. Thought it would be OK, seemed to be right. A few months ago car started to be a bit juddery/wobbly under very light throttle. Got progressive worse (but still drivable)... Finally had a look at the EGR blank at the weekend and its been leaking/sucking air clearly for a long time. Took blank out, fitted pipes together with 2 new bolts, sealed. Car wobble has now gone, but I did notice some hesitancy on a long trip at the weekend. No EML but DTCs codes stored saying the EGR is stuck. This morning, quite cold, car started fine but ran like a dog - no power, like it needed some choke! I assume the EGR is knackered (maybe due to not being used properly!) so I'm going to block it and seal it properly this time. Just posting to: 1) Highlight my stupidity 2) Help others 3) Wondering if these issues do sound EGR related!
  13. Which Is The Better 1.6Tdci 2.0Tdci Engine

    I also have the 2l. Loads of non-engine related problems, but the unit itself has been pretty good bar and the oil and filter change is stupidly easy. Agree with James you're looking at 48-53 MPG, but I don't see the drop off you see around town? You also get the 6 speed box and a whole lot of power. Easy to blank the EGR if required,
  14. I disagree with engines - like the 6 speed, extra power but prefer the drive of the 1.8. I've had both - so 'nope' for me. Fair point on the water but no I drive all over - don't really have a 'local' that I use all the time. Also I generally change the oil between 6 and 10k. I service my car :) I just inexplicably forgot the fuel filter completely.
  15. Can't find the exact link I used, but it's this... Again though, pretty sure this WONT work for you!