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  1. Spray where you like. If you're not going to listen to the advice given anyway what's the point in us replying? Just spray it on the roof and hope for the best.
  2. The Ford dealer I used also said Ford no longer replace the badges, but they will replace FOC. They're pence.
  3. Haha I know that feeling - I needed an early non-sync screen and generally the whole sync/non-sync thing seems to make all displays crazy rare and expensive. I'm spending a fortune on a reversing camera next, but it's what we do.
  4. My costs were above JW's and less than yours. Ended up paying £100 for display, ACM, panels and extra stuff I didn't need but had to buy (colour matching console etc). £50 for the 2017 maps. I also use a second DAB aerial because the ford one is crap. I need to sell the bits I have left over, but I reckon if I was smart I could make it cost less than £50 all in.
  5. I thought there was a extra tab of plastic on the official ford funnel which was required to open the neck? I guess not!
  6. It's not just the size, I believe it's 'keyed' (very basically). Just pay the £7, keep it in the car and never think of the £7 again. I suspect most here have just bought one.
  7. But it obviously shows a fakra connection? I just don't get it. Anyway, they responded via paypal. Distance selling doesn't really work when its coming from HK. They've said return it, which is fine, but a pain in the ***** when I emailed them a full day before dispatch! So annoying. I'll let you know when it arrives anyway!
  8. I've tried emailing them to cancel but they don't respond. I'll try going via paypal. I don't think it's shipped yet so it's very annoying. I don't get why it won't work though - surely it's just an adapter if the smart bits don't work? It says Sync 1 but is for non-sync as well. Just probably american not european.
  9. The short cable I bought says the camera should have an ignition live to it otherwise it won't be detected?
  10. I've ordered it anyway. So I've got all the bits I need bar the camera iteself :D There's one on amazon prime though so I'll prob go with that.
  11. Cool that's brilliant, but I have a few annoying questions.... Firstly, when you say its to the left of the gear stick, is that a ful lrip out of the centre console? Sounds bad - might is tight in. Also, I may have asked this before, but does this method support picture-in-picture park pilot like OEM? Or does it just force a full screen video to the display? Thanks for the great guide!
  12. Thanks mate. It appears I can't cancel my order of the other cable, so I've paid £25 for a cable I could have probably got for a quarter of the price off amazon. Oops!
  13. Nice. How does it work? Into the BCM? And were intructions for idiots provided? Cheers!
  14. Why did they lock it in Europe but not US? Weird. Best cancel my order then :( Thanks. Is the russian module still available?
  15. ^^ Did either of you try the cable?