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  1. Victory.... guess who(!) If I do this, one considering my ineptitude, do you reckon I can do this, and also if you use the russian method, can you still optionally overlay park pilot as per the original? Also, where does the camera actually fit?
  2. I get the whole aftermarket/stock argument, having been 100% aftermarket before my mk2.5, but I just like the stock look, and mine had dab and bluetooth, and the sound wasn't particularly bad. But admittedly if you need to wire a DAB aerial in, I appreciate the extra effort involved - I've just added a new DAB aerial to my mk3 because the reception was terrible!
  3. Good point, but I was under the impression you could fairly easily retrofit the oval 2.5's into the 2?
  4. and look for the DAB Digital Radio logo on the front too.
  5. Note of caution: I updated the ACM with IDS and killed DAB completely, rather like Victory did - DAB just has a spinner gif and nothing else. Swapped the ACM and it works fine. TMC still doesn't work, despite a new separate DAB aerial - which incidentally has massively improved the reception - if you look online it seems DAB in a number of fords is bad. Just looks a bit weird because I now have 2 aerials :)
  6. Thread update. I updated my Sony ACM with IDS and also killed DAB in exactly the same way. Luckily I had a spare, which is working fine, but I would be very careful updating your ACM. Spoke to Victory and we think it must be the update. Does anyone know how to completely reset the ACM (presets remain regardless of disconnecting etc) or flash an older firmware?
  7. Haha btw for the record, nav and menu worked great so thanks. But only rds no dab or tmc diags I'm aftaid
  8. The problem is you can't touch the screen if it's not a touch screen display :P So does the diag menu work on pre-facelift too?
  9. Jamie, thanks so much - I'll try this shortly. I'm after a TMC diag tool really - I know the older mondeos had such a thing, I'm hoping there is something/anything! that may help me.
  10. I use the iTronics ITV-80 which has an option for 12.2v which I'm much happier with. However, its ridiculously hard to get hold of. You'll need a constant live and an ignition live. The ignition live is hard to find in the passenger footwell, but on the non-facelift...
  11. Spotify for the screenshot. Can't remember if it comes up elsewhere. Podcasts and single play spotify appear as Tr0/0 BTW. This was after the sat nav firmware upgrade too.
  12. Yeah actually that's pretty obvious I guess. It just seems weird. It suggests the FCDIM has a FM (or more likely DAB) decoder in it. Which is duplicated in the ACM. But also, since the FCDIM is TMC, why the need for presets on the ACM (these do appear to be stored in the ACM rather than FCDIM)? I'm not even sure what the ACM does these days beyond CD player and amp. Anyway I meant to post this yesterday, but for some reason didn't. Since then, I've swapped the ACM with no success. Also, I respliced the "pink to black" fakra cable and used that instead of my fakra z cable. It's a lot thicker, maybe better shielded, and hasn't had much affect of reception either way. However, I would like to buy the proper ford pink/black cable. It had a part number of it, but I've forgot it, anyone know what it is without me taking the dash apart :D Generally D1 reception is terrible for some reason - wherever I drive, other multiplexes seem ok. Interference? The dash makes an odd noise when ignition is on, so I'm tempted to look further. I've also hopefully got a VCM cable on it's way (Cheers Victory!), so will update everything too. So frustrating. Don't even really need TCM but want a complete system.
  13. As title really - on the mk2.5, holding 3 and 6 did some tests. Is there anything similar for mk3? (Not speaker related, something more substantial ideally). Can only find endless youtube videos of the dash dianostics mode which of course we're all well aware of. Is there a more advanced menu than the nav/sound/clock settings screen? thanks!
  14. Done all of the above, but it stays grayed out. Thinking of trying a separate TMC aerial, and put the DAB straight in. actually I may start by swapping the ACM, since for me TMC is a radio function?
  15. BTW, I never got TMC going. Generally reception on D1 (home of Classic on DAB) is a bit ropey. Any ideas?