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  1. locking/unlocking

    should all the repeaters on my car flash when I unlock it, or just when it is deadlocked? Just wondering as there is no flash when it is unlocked currently. If it's something you can turn on/off, presumably there is some kind of button press/ignition procedure to follow.
  2. locking/unlocking

    My Escort had a Cobra alarm which flashed on unlocking, then my 05 Mondeo and BMW 1 series both flashed on unlocking as does the mrs 57 Golf - but they all have alarms.
  3. locking/unlocking

    I suppose it must be another feature that comes along when you have an alarm - ie when you unlock and disarm the alarm, repeaters flash. Ah well, no biggie I suppose.
  4. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    The standard unit should play audio CDs copied onto CD-Rs - they're a bit choosy over whether they play CD-RWs and the CD6000 in my 2005 Mondeo wouldn't play them. If you're going to spend 70 quid, buy a Sony headunit with a USB port on the front and a unilink socket on the back that you can plug the iPod into.
  5. Subtle mods

    Never modded a car before, never really wanted to, but for some reason I want to make a couple of changes. I have a mk1.5 Focus and have done the usual wipers/clear repeaters, but it's the first car out of the last 4 or 5 I've had without front foglights - how easy is it to fit a set of foglights to the Focus LX and is the wiring already in place? Can you fit ST170 foglights? I'd also like to replace the grille in the front valance with a similar plastic honeycomb mesh that's in the main grille - is that possible and is there a ready made part? At some point, it would be nice to get the rear set of windows tinted, but I expect that's quite expensive and not really necessary. Is there anything else that would be of any use or make it look different? Again blackeye headlamps would be nice, but not urgent. It doesn't need bigger brakes as it doesn't go fast enough to need them and I don't think lowering the car on standard wheels is worth it either.
  6. Subtle mods

    Ah yeah, I've seen the parts site - that's pretty good. The other thing I'd like to do is change the horn as I don't have an alarm and have a crappy single note horn that most people wouldn't notice. Where is the horn on the Focus and would you fit an aftermarket horn (say a Stebel Magnum) on standard wiring.
  7. Engine Temp Gauge

    Petrol or diesel? If it's a petrol engine, it's probably made of aluminium which I think heats up a lot quicker than iron. If you can get heat out of your heater in that time, then I'd say your engine's warm

    Decided that the lights that were in my mk 1.5 TDCi were !Removed! poor so bought a pair of Nightbreakers and prepared meself for the worst. Changing the dipped beam bulb in this car is noto the headache it's perceived to be - ok so it's a bit fiddly, but it's not that hard. There is plenty of room on the offside to remove the cover, twist it into a position that it fits through the gap and lift it out to get access to the innards of the lamp. The nearside follows the same principle although I did pull the battery cover off to give me a bit more space - the most difficult thing was putting the retainer clip in the wrong place. Total time was about 25 minutes and I think that would improve with practice I don't fancy having to chane the main beam H1s though!! It appears that whoever has changed the lamps in the past has removed and not refitted the dust cover on the back of the nearside headlight. Does anybody happen to know the part number for it so I can source a new one?
  9. Diesel Leak

    I get a smell of diesel in the cabin through the vents - mainly at idle. Let me know if you find a fix as this I could have the same problem. Do you have TDDi or TDCi?
  10. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    Buy a headunit that allows you to connect a USB device - you can probably get a Sony one for less than £100. I wouldn't muck about trying to get you 6000CD to connect up - you can get a unit from connects2 that converts your Ford connectors to ISO and allows you to connect your remote stalk. Be interested to know what your research has yielded so far

    I've just had a set of heater plugs in my 02 1.8 TDCi 115 and the glow plug light goes out pretty quickly on that as well. I usually wait until the other lights go out and it'll fire on the first turn
  12. MK2 Centre Console vent/sensor thing - what is it?

    Have you got climate control? If so, then it's where the interior temperature of the car is sensed and stuff like the fan speed and vent position adjusted if the air con system is set to auto. If you haven't got climate control, then it's probably not used - but all the same, I would position your handsfree mic elsewhere, either on the roof lining near the interior light or at the top of the A-pillar.
  13. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    the other thing you can do Ally is buy a Harmon Kardon Drive + Play. The first version is available on ebay and from bigpockets for about £25 + P&P - it has an interface along with a separate joystick and display, both of which you dashmount - if you're not too happy about doing stuff like that yourself, you'll probably pay anywhere between £20 and £40 to have it installed.
  14. Ford Convers+ reboot

    I would head straight for your dealer and get them to sort it out under warranty
  15. How to remove 6000 CD from 07 Focus

    p29 of the pdf catalogue, product code TC-14
  16. How to remove 6000 CD from 07 Focus

    If you need to do that sort of thing regularly, you're much better off with a set of trim tools from somebody like dogegg.net as they're made of a sort of flexible plastic that won't damage your trim like a 10p might.

    Ah I see - the Mondeo was dead easy, just two slide bolts to remove for each headlight

    I had a 2005 MK3 Mondeo - to take both headlights off and replace both lamps took about 15 mins from start to finish. Can I do the same with my 2002 Focus then (I've not tried yet, I just thought I had to replace the bulb with the light in situ)? Taking the headlight units off seemed the easiest way of doing that job.
  19. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    No - the Griffin iTrip is an FM modulator - it basically turns your iPod into a radio station, which you tune the FM radio on your headunit to, which then receives the signal the iTrip is broadcasting. If you want to be able to operate your iPod from your headunit, depending on which headunit you have, you can go for something from 'Connects2' or you can swap your headunit our for an aftermarket version and then buy the correct adaptor for your steering wheel controls to connect to the headunit. Either way, it's probably not going to be cheap.