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  1. x86 architecture?! The PS4 is out of date already! #x64yo

  2. Student Record results will be published at 00:01 on the 23rd

  3. Good luck @Daniel__PH today! You will ace it! If you don't McDonald's won't accept you, maybe try Burger King and say you like horses

  4. “iOS App Switcher Concept By The Designer Of Auxo Offers a Vastly-Improved Multitasking Experience http://t.co/tZI9XHE1” @RichTeaBisquits

  5. BBC News - Tom Cruise St Albans curry house visit made into movie http://t.co/ZmOK9rdO

  6. Who the !Removed! declares foreign keys using php?! Why not use constraints within mysql #stupid

  7. Welcome to the Ford forums William Devereux :)

  8. Yesterday I woke up to news of Oscar Pistorius and today to news of impending meteorite doom. Wonder what tomorrow will bring us?!