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  1. New Fiesta

    f**k me kjay! That car is HOT dude. I sooooo wish it had chrome surround on the grill, but now looking at your picm its the colour i want it in so helps alot, thanks! I think you've just persuaded me... :D I WANT!!
  2. Got my new Fiesta!

    Where did you get the spoiler + fitted mate? Thought it was only an option on the titanium models.
  3. New Fiesta

    Same, I might leave the dress up kit then, i love my chrome! Lol
  4. Should Ford have named it Verve?

    Same could be said for the escort though, and you have a valid point truly - Mark however is probably right. The fiesta is such a radical change they should of went with a new name imo.
  5. New Fiesta

    Thinking about buying a 1.4 titanium with the full dress up kit. My believing is that the titanium comes with a chrome surround front grill as does the zetec... does the full dress up kit front grill remove this chrome? Shame if it does! Kev