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  1. Same fitting. The mk2 uses a Bolt and mk2.5 uses a nut. Both fit same on door. However if you prefer your old wing mirrors mk2 then just remove wiring from the mk2.5 and wire into the mk2. Additional features may require a a new wing mirror. The mk2.5 wings just didn't look good on my car.
  2. : HBC = From: 03-12-2007 To: 14-01-2008 3 Door Saloon, RHD, Power Front Windows One Touch Down, Less Keyfree System, With Keyless Start From: 14-01-2008 To: 07-07-2008 3 Door Saloon, RHD, Power Front Windows One Touch Down, Less Keyfree System DEB = From: 03-12-2007 To: 07-07-2008 5 Door Saloon, RHD, Power Front Windows One Touch Up/Do just in case anyone wants to know..
  3. Whats difference to this loom? 8M5T-14O14 - deb
  4. Does anyone know the details of this wiring loom? 8M5T-14O14 - HBC Issue is if it is 5 door model with door modules and keyless.
  5. If it is having issues when cold, then this is a temperature issue. meaning a cold car that is shooting black smoke out rear is not burning the fuel inside. Diesel burns with heat, the heat a cold engine it's glow plugs? Have glow plugs been checked? If this is fuel has it been pressure tested within spec a certain load?
  6. Do you know if the door handles connect to the door module or via the floor wiring to the KVM module in boot? There are some sensors already in car. One just being lighter on dash, another in centre console and one stuck down in boot. Would make sense to use the same sensors to detect key when hand on door handle. is there a way to know what type of kvm module each is? Is it not reprogrammable?
  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to get passive keyless entry on a mk2.5 focus st2. Currently the car has keyless start but to unlock you use the fob. It's a 5 door module with door modules.
  8. To solve this issues we would need more information. What thing has turned off? Dashboard, headlights etc.
  9. If you have clip version then you can just remove the centre console a few screws, and replace the matrix. There is a guide on how to do it on the free workshop manual. Not as hard as you may think. It's just a very tight space.
  10. I will have to actually see if that is true, go to breaker yead and try one on. If they don't mount on I will have to take the wiring loom from them and install onto the old mirror but with one's that have folding.
  11. It's been done, You have 2 options. 1 you use the replacement heater matrix from Ford which uses the clips. Or you replace the complete unitbwhich would mean a complete dash removal including the dash framework which involves removal of front doors, but once changed lasts longer then the clips. I choose option 2 and it is a lot of headache. Including the regarding of AC as complete box needs removal.
  12. Kind off, As I have used mk2.5 loom, certain other stuff need replacing. Windows etc work but had to swap floor loom, door wiring and install modules. and program. as mk2 is what I have I have also swapped lights, wing mirrors etc. possible but lot of work. the floor wiring swap is headache. you need access to bottom of the car. as loom is attached to pump and abs sensors etc. all in all its a great mod - got puddle lights (brighter led panel), led rear RS lights, folding wing mirrors and all electric windows and key global closing.
  13. OK after bit of research, to do this with MK2.5 Parts. I would need to replace the floor wiring & The GEM Module. On some cars the floor wiring isn't needed as the additional connector is taped up on the loom. Checked mine and there is no additional connector. That's why the doors have no power. The doors themselves have the loom and all motors with modules, including the rear window regulators. The connector for the wing mirrors is also different but can easily be sorted with a connector off a breaker car. Or I could manually run can high and low (mid), and power & ground cables to the modules. But if this does work I may decide to get folding mirrors with puddles lights & I'l have 4 door electric windows.
  14. Would it be a GEM issue? Hoping it would be. I have a module from a 2.5 ST, which should work. Some programming required but should. Saying that what if it still come down to being the floor wiring. Looking at the looms online it's a complete dash removal. Seats, carpet and side panels.
  15. So would I be able to swap the GEM Module to facelift and floor wiring for it to work. Swapping thebfloor wiring is going to be hard as that wiring loom goes to fuel pump, and sensors at rear. Currently the gem in the car has fuses in place for modules. So I think the gem does support it. It may be that I would need to swap the floor loom, but would a mk2.5 loom work on mk2. I know some connectors maybe different IE the rear brake lights as mk2.5 uses connector and mk2 don't. But perfect opportunity to swap to led rear lights.