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  1. It looks like a skinny pipe at front of car. Just in front of radiator.
  2. Technically you said your cluster was the issue. Put all the original parts back in and leave the cluster. That just have the cluster programmed. There are companies who actually repair the old cluster so none of this is required. Also you can be 100% sure it all come out from the same car. Unless you took it out. JW is also correct it is a Immobilisers issue, however the engine malfunction also indicates ecu issue. You have to issues there. Maybe the cluster is not finding the ecu or the other way round. You could try double checking you installed everything correctly, or just put everything back to normal and have cluster repaired.
  3. I have completed this conversion. But the cars was a mk2 and I got parts from a mk2.5. I had to replace floor wiring and all door motors including wiring. As it's a canbus system the gem needed some modifications with elmconfig. The central locking itself will still keep working. So you can do it depending on what system you use, so prefacelift is Lin network and facelift is canbus. Just match it to the car year. The fault with the windows going wrong way is down to the gem taking control of the windows, you need the gem to give control to the driver door module. If your doing a retrofit with aftermarket stuff then it won't work. Just a reminder the floor loom is a headache to swap. I'm taking complete interior out and carpet. It also goes to fuel pump so tank needs dropping. But we'll worth the 4 electric windows, global closing and the folding wing mirrors. With key also but that I needed a £65 module.
  4. Commonly on a Focus. The pipe is normally what has the issue of splitting. Ford made a revised part which the easiest way to tell if you have the newer model is if you focus has a front power steering cooler, then you have old pipe. Fords revised part just goes from the power steering rack to the pump. There is another pipe which goes to the bottle with oil to the pump. This normally only has issues if it been rubbing up against the engine. But if you have the electric pump this does not apply.
  5. Very rare option but is possible. does the door handle have a button on it to lock the doors.
  6. ST timing belts are normally around £100+ that's including the water pump. Check prices with both Volvo and Ford. Only issue with eBay is warranty claims say the pump goes back and needs to be return it's better to have a store then having to deal with postage etc. Saying that the garage who supplies the parts will have to deal with all issues. Depends on what you want to do but £86 is good price I paid £140 for mine.
  7. normally relays don't normally become faulty. We need to know what fuse box would be inside your car. Does it have 2 connectors at bottom, or 3, with big brown connector. But double check you have correctly fitted you new bulb. If led then it could be a polarity issue. But once you tell us the type of fuse box someone will tell you the Relay if it has one.
  8. Same fitting. The mk2 uses a Bolt and mk2.5 uses a nut. Both fit same on door. However if you prefer your old wing mirrors mk2 then just remove wiring from the mk2.5 and wire into the mk2. Additional features may require a a new wing mirror. The mk2.5 wings just didn't look good on my car.
  9. : HBC = From: 03-12-2007 To: 14-01-2008 3 Door Saloon, RHD, Power Front Windows One Touch Down, Less Keyfree System, With Keyless Start From: 14-01-2008 To: 07-07-2008 3 Door Saloon, RHD, Power Front Windows One Touch Down, Less Keyfree System DEB = From: 03-12-2007 To: 07-07-2008 5 Door Saloon, RHD, Power Front Windows One Touch Up/Do just in case anyone wants to know..
  10. Whats difference to this loom? 8M5T-14O14 - deb
  11. Does anyone know the details of this wiring loom? 8M5T-14O14 - HBC Issue is if it is 5 door model with door modules and keyless.
  12. If it is having issues when cold, then this is a temperature issue. meaning a cold car that is shooting black smoke out rear is not burning the fuel inside. Diesel burns with heat, the heat a cold engine it's glow plugs? Have glow plugs been checked? If this is fuel has it been pressure tested within spec a certain load?
  13. Do you know if the door handles connect to the door module or via the floor wiring to the KVM module in boot? There are some sensors already in car. One just being lighter on dash, another in centre console and one stuck down in boot. Would make sense to use the same sensors to detect key when hand on door handle. is there a way to know what type of kvm module each is? Is it not reprogrammable?
  14. Does anyone know if it is possible to get passive keyless entry on a mk2.5 focus st2. Currently the car has keyless start but to unlock you use the fob. It's a 5 door module with door modules.
  15. To solve this issues we would need more information. What thing has turned off? Dashboard, headlights etc.