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  1. cheapest option would be to use weld on a little piece to the section, however you need to remove all the affected exhaust first, then weld the section in. Any exhaust shop will be able to sort you out with the best option.
  2. Do you smoke? If you don't it will be easy to find someone who does. Just get them to smoke over your engine while you rev to approx. 2000rpm, if you have a leak the engine will suck up them second hand smoke fumes. If you don't like smoking them rent a fog machine and get that to do the work. anything that make a visible cloud. like vaping I think its called that may work also, may even give the engine a tune up since it a liquid.
  3. I would say first lets go back to the basics. Why don't want to just to worse case straight away. Check the bulb, if it blown replace it. Next would be to check the actual fuses, each relay has a fuse on one or more of its circuits. Then if that's not it we will move to the next steps.
  4. We like to keep the bad news low key. But you may be right. I would do the checks Jon84 stated.
  5. Hello, So you have the mirrors, but do you know if you have the door modules etc for this to work? You would need to check that the extra wiring is present if not then that would need to wired up. First check you have the door modules and the wiring present.
  6. It's would be best to go to thier website. select make and model and it should display best filter system.
  7. There are different versions of cone filters. RAM Air use no oil and made of foam. easy cleaning with hot water. no kit needed, and comes with lifetime guarantee. K&N is a oil based and made for cotton gauze with aluminium structure. lifetime guarantee but cleaning is required with a kit. Piper cross is made of foam and oiled. lifetime guarantee also but also require a cleaning kit. Problem with oil based some say it affects the MAF sensor. K&N actually offer to pay for replacement MAF and ask you send you old one in to be tested. Most of the time the MAF failed because of another reason. MAP Sensor cars and not affected. Cleaning kit are also a issues needed to be purchased if you wish to clean the filter Ram Air not require any oil and just wash with hot water. The issue here is after cleaning you over oil the filter which can cause these issues. All come with lifetime guarantees so replaced if anything goes wrong. Personally RAM Air is what I have and in my personal opinion is best and the induction noise difference compared to the others is better.(personally) Oh and btw the Pipercross & K&N come pre oiled, and should last 100,000 miles before requiring a clean according to there sites.
  8. The power steering pipes you have are the old type. The new version requires the nut including the pipes. You can see in that the new version does not use the cooler at the front anymore.
  9. I have most of the parts. £600 if you collected. Only part missing is the floor loom if you don't have the wiring already there. To check you can either take out the door loom from the a pillar and see if the extra connector is taped up or find out what wiring your car has for the floor. 8M5T-14014-DEB OR DEA both support this but the car also needs to be a 5 Door, Keyless start and Parking Aid.
  10. Updates can be found on manufacturers websites with instructions on how to do it. some require either a USB or SD card. But being a 2012 you shouldn't have issues with Bluetooth, as the new Android update didn't really mess with that side of things.
  11. Your options are getting the battery tested. From Halfords or any other store. Next you need to find out if when you replaced the battery you used the correct type. You need it to be a silver calcium battery. What make battery is it you are using? Lastly get codes read, it would narrow down if this is gem module issue, ic etc.
  12. Does the car have steering options? Comfort, sport. Standard? With elmconfig you should be able to see how much assistance is given at set rpms which could be corrupt or completely different. You could try connecting your old module up saving the settings using elmconfig and write them to new module. However the modules don't need programming as long as they are from the same model car and trim. If it's from a different trim level you do have alloy sizes etc that can make a difference.
  13. Simple answer No. New keys cost around £100+ You need the complete key, which from eBay is around £50 then you need it programmed to the car which depending on you skill level can be £15 if you buy the cable or £50 if you get a guy to do it for you. But a spare key is a must.
  14. The famous bonnet issue again. If it has unlocked when turned left and then you turn key to right and you cannot open the bonnet that would mean the actual arm may still be catching. Try lightly pushing the bonnet don't not enough weight that it closes again. Has the car been in any sort of front end bump? Bonnet misaligned?
  15. Front or rear of engine? What engine is it?