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  1. You get more of a sound having bonnet vents, also help get cold air in from vent and front. The lids as Alex has said are the same, the mk2 and mk3 bottom part of the airbox are different. You can also get bigger snorkels which are standard on the mountune and rs500 airboxs. This is only viable to go this far if you want POWERRRRR!!!!!!!!!
  2. Its more compatible with the Mondeo. I just that I would like the bigger screen, hard to find as stated but would prefer the black with white text, or at least some colour. Had seen a picture of someone having actually done it but can find the pic. once i do i will upload it for all to see.
  3. Standard exhaust cannot be taken off. As they are a complete exhaust up to the cat the only way to remove it complete is to drop the axle on the left and pull the exhaust out. If you have a angle grinder you can make a cut where you would then place a coupler. This is the same process when upgrading your exhaust as it saves time and would be replaced anyway. The is the same for both RS and STs. Some after market do have separations, and couplers. In your case as it is standard and with the understanding its never been touched, then it will still be the complete piece. (just check just incase, might have a coupler there.)
  4. It's best to stick the the mk2.5 cluster with big screen but is it possible to make it colour or even the black with white text? Like on Audi but prefer the colour. Does anyone have a picture of one taken apart and pics of connectors. Might not be as easy as to just swap screen.
  5. Is it possible to use a Smax cluster the one with the big colour screen for the mk2 focus? I know the mk3 focus cluster don't work as on the mk2 the cluster is part of the pats. Do the smax use the cluster in the same way or is it different? If not anyone got a petrol mk2.5 cluster with the big screen?
  6. It would be best to check you battery is in a good condition, most stores IE Halfords do check your battery free, just take battery to your nearest store. Lastly since you have been messing with the passenger fuse box, you may have loosened up the connectors. Colours for fusebox are blue for dash, brown for floor, and green is main power into the car. There is a fuse in engine bay that may have popped that powers the interior but since you said that fuse box still sounds like its powered that may not be the issue. Double check the connections and test battery it maybe one or the other unless you have the water ingress issue where you sound disconnect the connectors one by one and see if there is any sort of marking.
  7. stef123 is right, if no compression and misfire. You could also try a inspection camera to see if the issues is the piston or not.
  8. Well that's looks bad. . Subframes for a Focus are cheap on eBay. You just need to make sure you get the correct type, for example brake type, drum or disc, level sensors for headlights etc. Most members on here have replaced the rear drums for discs but other modifications are required. But if you want straight swap getting the part is easy. If you get it complete, and there is no need to swap parts over like hubs. To fit an axle would cost around £100-150. You supply part.
  9. cheapest option would be to use weld on a little piece to the section, however you need to remove all the affected exhaust first, then weld the section in. Any exhaust shop will be able to sort you out with the best option.
  10. Do you smoke? If you don't it will be easy to find someone who does. Just get them to smoke over your engine while you rev to approx. 2000rpm, if you have a leak the engine will suck up them second hand smoke fumes. If you don't like smoking them rent a fog machine and get that to do the work. anything that make a visible cloud. like vaping I think its called that may work also, may even give the engine a tune up since it a liquid.
  11. I would say first lets go back to the basics. Why don't want to just to worse case straight away. Check the bulb, if it blown replace it. Next would be to check the actual fuses, each relay has a fuse on one or more of its circuits. Then if that's not it we will move to the next steps.
  12. We like to keep the bad news low key. But you may be right. I would do the checks Jon84 stated.
  13. Hello, So you have the mirrors, but do you know if you have the door modules etc for this to work? You would need to check that the extra wiring is present if not then that would need to wired up. First check you have the door modules and the wiring present.
  14. It's would be best to go to thier website. select make and model and it should display best filter system.
  15. There are different versions of cone filters. RAM Air use no oil and made of foam. easy cleaning with hot water. no kit needed, and comes with lifetime guarantee. K&N is a oil based and made for cotton gauze with aluminium structure. lifetime guarantee but cleaning is required with a kit. Piper cross is made of foam and oiled. lifetime guarantee also but also require a cleaning kit. Problem with oil based some say it affects the MAF sensor. K&N actually offer to pay for replacement MAF and ask you send you old one in to be tested. Most of the time the MAF failed because of another reason. MAP Sensor cars and not affected. Cleaning kit are also a issues needed to be purchased if you wish to clean the filter Ram Air not require any oil and just wash with hot water. The issue here is after cleaning you over oil the filter which can cause these issues. All come with lifetime guarantees so replaced if anything goes wrong. Personally RAM Air is what I have and in my personal opinion is best and the induction noise difference compared to the others is better.(personally) Oh and btw the Pipercross & K&N come pre oiled, and should last 100,000 miles before requiring a clean according to there sites.