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  1. Focus 1.6 LX losing power

    What year is the car? You may have the common instrument cluster issue. Where car dies, sometimes starts back up after a fit, dash lights up, won't start after is died but does after a short period. Lines instead of mileage. Revtronic fixes this for £40. But some users have resoldered connection, WD-40 etc. The loss of power sound like car is going into limp mode.   
  2. Focus 1.6 LX losing power

    What year is the car? You may have the common instrument cluster issue. Where car dies, sometimes starts back up after a fit, dash lights up, won't start after is died but does after a short period. Lines instead of mileage. Revtronic fixes this for £40. But some users have resoldered connection, WD-40 etc.  
  3. Updating Mk2 Ford Focus Ghia Headlights

    To make it work I can agree its a lot of work, but possible. My car didn't have the connector for the interior loom, one way to do it is replace the dash loom with one that has. The other option is to find the loom and cut the connector and wiring out and retrofit it to your original loom. You are still then required to install the headlights, the AFL module, steering wheel sensor if you don't already have one and the 2 levelling sensors. Lot of work unless you find a car with these so you can remove them.

    Its a communication problem to the ECU, find out why and the car will start, it either wiring, connectors, relays or even the ECU itself. These problems are not simple to fix, as replacing a ECU needs programming. Try James's  suggestion of cleaning and reinserting engine harness at fuse box. There is also a connector behind the passenger side kick panel, which you could try the same method.  
  5. MK2 Instrument cluster swap

    You copy the config first from the old cluster Plug in the new cluster and copy settings over. You will notice even after doing this the car won't start. This is then when you program the keys and pair the modules. As stated above make sure you enable clock function on the new cluster.    

    Do check fuses as it can be as simple as a popped engine fuse.

    Ok, that's no good but still need to check this first before saying the ECU has issues. 1. Check all the fuses. Inside and in engine bay. And relays if you can. 2. Check the wiring at the ecu its in the engine bay next to the battery. 3. Check for a 5v ref signal with ignition on at any of the engine management sensors IE MAF sensor or crankshaft sensor, check all the pins to see if you find 5volts or near enough. 4. Disconnect all the engine connectors one by one if you cannot see a 5volts at any pin on the stated sensors. If you find 5volts comes back once you disconnect a certain sensor you need to test that sensor. 5........ if you want life to be easy just replace the engine ECU for one you know is working and if it work it works, if not you have to trace wires. 6 trace all wires push all connectors if loose.
  8. MK2 Instrument cluster swap

    Seems FORScan is able to do this according to a quick Google search. Its not something I have used but same layout, Personally I use Focom. You still however need a outcode/incode calculator to do this. This one is free but you need to sign up and ) which can be used after registration but this calculator is very limited. After a few calculations the calculator is locked and you have to wait 1 day to use it again... Just confirm you have the correct cluster rev range and its from the same fuel type as the car. You cannot get a petrol and put it on a diesel, just won't happen.
  9. MK2 Instrument cluster swap

    Are both clusters from a diesel, and the rev range the same? You need ELMConfig and FoCom, FORScan as far as I'm aware is unable to do Pats coding, which is required in order to do this. You start be copying the setting from you old cluster and moving them over the new cluster and then programming it to the pats. Once you confirmed you have the required stuff then I or another member will details on how you go about doing this.      

    Problem with this can be as it was stored for a couple of months it could have had rats move in, resulting in wiring being cut. the truth and nothing but the truth will help in answering the following question, did you at all touch positive and negative together when replacing the battery. The steps you should take now are check all fuses, check engine bay that all plugs are connected etc and no wiring issues. Based on what you have said so far your issue is with the Engine ECU, so try retrieving some codes with a obd2 reader. If you get no communication you need to do further tests but do this for now.  
  11. Ford Focus MK2 Immobliser Problem

    The immobiliser only activate when car is locked and keys are not in range.  If you can still start the car and the light goes off, it would seem the immobiliser is doing its job.  If you are having troubles starting etc this is when it should be a issue. Is flashing red, no start etc.  As the car is not having such problems then it seems there is nothing to worry about. Unless I am mistaken. 
  12. Help New Car Won't Start Can You Advise?

    Hello,   Based on what has happened and what the car is doing, it may be that you instrument cluster is faulty.  The clusters on these are common problem. The issue you have is the instrument cluster is part of the immobiliser system and so if it faulty it's not activating the starter .   Some fixes can be wd-40, resoldered get the connection points on the cluster or professional repair.    As other members have said you can try the above method but you can is not fit for purpose. It don't start or move so, as suggested go back to the garage.    Regards
  13. 1999 Focus 1.4 16V Cl Help Please

    Sounds like you have air in parts of the system. Or you placed the thermostat in at the wrong orientation. The air valve gold looking price should be at top, this helps get air out. Or it maybe the sensor but you should test it first before replacing.
  14. Electric Mirror Wiring Fault?

    Also check connection on the fuse box in passenger footwell. Something at be loose .
  15. Focus Power Steering Fluid

    The mk2 focus DOES NOT USE the red so do not put that in. It uses the green colour. The red is a lot thicker and will slowly damage it. Return it and get the green coloured one. It is more expensive as red is basically automatic transmission fluid.