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  1. This all comes down the the speed of the elm327 interface. You can get cheap copies which support lower speeds or get a good quality unit that's able to acheive the full speed of 50.
  2. There is a pcv valve located just behind the inlet manifold on top of the oil separator. The 1.6 I had was putting oil into the airbox. I changed the pcv and it sorted the issue. Also you need to check oil when cold and check when warm. The 1.6 is a weird engine. Oil just disappears only to come back later, and if you fill it up thinking it's empty you over fill causing these issues also.
  3. This issue seems to be common. It's something to do with the wiring and the Ford dealership should be aware of this. I'm not 100% sure if its a tsb or an actual recall.
  4. Sound like exhaust being behind engine. I would just suggest taking it to a garage to be inspected. Regards
  5. Hello, Just need some help with finding out, 1. Can I use a 2006 driver door module on a facelift? And still have same feature or require programming? 2. What is the different between the 3 plug power steering pump and 2 plug pump? Have a steering issues code says it's the sensor but swapped and same issue. Any clarification will be great.
  6. I had a good look at this today and moved an engine over to see and the news is it can be done but as said above. It requires a shed load of money. It is possible. Engine does go in, but mounting points are different as you could have guessed. But can be made. Also it will start the engine, slight issues but it started. Only issues really is the space to actually work on the engine is cramped. The RS axle system won't fit on. Moral of the story is possible but will cost way to much. Best of putting in in a RS MK2 replica she'll would look better swell.
  7. You could change the complete hadlight but the amount of work to get them to work correctly like Factory is a lot. 1. You need the complete headlights 2. Requires both headlight leveling sensors & module. 3. Washer Jets for the Headlights. I would just get the Osram. easier & cheaper. Alex is right about the light output. Max for me is 6000K but does depend on the system some are stronger then others.
  8. By the sounds of it you have changed most of your heating system. Firstly you have not actually tested anything to have come to such a conclusion. What I suggest you do is: 1. Check all the fuses that are both in the engine bay and the footwell, if you are able to test the relays then test them. 2. Check at the control panel side that it is actually sending out power to the motor. 3. Test the motor. 4. Test the wiring from the panel to the motor. At this stage since you have already changed most of the system all you have remaining is the switch panel, but check for loose cabling. Regards
  9. Does anyone know if the Focus MK2 ST engine will fit in a Focus MK3 Focus? Getting the engine to fit is one problem but also is the floorpan the same? Meaning can you put rs front&rear axles on?
  10. Agree with Arthur. Just saying its a PCM fault with no codes, no reports nothing leads us nowhere. Also having the codes cleared will not help to actually find out what the issue was or is.
  11. If what you said is right then the reliability issue is actually Ford fault?
  12. So the 1.6 diesel is a Peugeot engine. I was told by people Ford used their engines. It's even said BMW and Ford was about to do another deal that didn't happen. So I have to stick with petrol then?
  13. P1000 is not a code to worry about. It just to tell you it's not completed a test I.e. driven. It help tech to know someone has been in the car and cleared codes. Nothing to worry about.
  14. II'm wondering what cars and engines did Ford use Peugeot engines? Are them models even reliable and did they do this on any Focus models? Just asking as they are not the most reliable to be honest. Volvo engines I know about are the 2.5 litre T5 engines. Some was also made by Yamaha I think was the 1.4 1.6 petrol. In under the impression that pug engines are only diesel.
  15. The thing to try is just replace the timing belt, making sure everything is lined up. Most of the time the car works. It's happened and it's easier then buying a new engine and is a definite answer, before ripping the engine apart. So change the timing belt as a kit and you might be lucky.