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  1. Not a planned mod but

    thanks for the reply I have an Haynes manual and if I look at the individual items heated screen/ washer etc I can trace most wires, but it only shows one version and same as yourself a search on the net came up with nothing - if no other info is available i will have to fit and connect each item separately until I can get it all working but that is what I am trying to avoid.
  2. Hello after a lorry reversed into my wife's MK6 fiesta I have purchased a replacement tailgate but after getting it home I have realised it is a mk6.5 and has a single connecting block compared to the current one which has 2 blocks, can any body help with a wiring diagram for both, I am hoping to wire the new single block into the current double one the main problem is the current has 10 wires and new has 9. the tailgate I have purchased is in excellent condition so wiring it in is my favourite option as apposed to replacing + it would look better, any help would be appreciated
  3. New Mbr

    thanks for the welcome guys :)
  4. New Mbr

    hello just joined had many fords over the years just brought the wife a mk6 fiesta
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums richyx :)

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      Thanks m8 great looking site