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  1. Well I have the choice to use the cable or to play through Bluetooth audio!! Both work brilliantly! I'm very happy now lol
  2. Ok maybe I should have read the FAQs first...didn't know I had to delete all but the English files!! Working great now :) even does Bluetooth audio which is one hell of a bonus! Thank you for your help :)
  3. Followed instructions I.e turn radio on, connect USB, turn on ignition. Memory card totally clear prior to use :(
  4. Well...update failed -_-
  5. Thank you, I will give this a try and let you know
  6. This happens with lightning cable for iPhone 5 and the 30 pin connector for iPod Touch. I'm guessing the unit is screwed...deep joy!
  7. I have the same unit. When I connect it with the original lead I am able to control the iPhone and see the track on the screen but there is no audio!
  8. Oh and a firmware update?? Wouldn't know where to start :-/
  9. Wish that worked for me! Have you got the silver SONY unit?
  10. I know that I can buy a USB/3.5mm to 30 pin connector but my new phone uses Apples terribly annoying new 'lightning' adaptor. Does anyone know of a USB/3.5mm to Lightning adaptor for my car? I think it will still work with the HU because the tracks display on the screen, just missing the audio :-/
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums S4M3G :)