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  1. Suspention

    Hi i have a Mondeo TDCI 05 reg, i am about to undertake the lovely task of replacing the shocks and top mounts. My question is the arrows on the top mounts should they be pointing front to back or n/s to o/s? I am hopeing after this it stops the knocking noise and the car driving all over the place. I have already replaced everything at the lower end within the last 2 years. Lower arms, Drop links, Trackrod ends and arm, Springs. It has just passed MOT so no major bushes gone. However if anyone has any ideas of other things i can look at i would be greatful. Thanks in advance for any reply's
  2. Mondeo Handbrake

    Hi, It is a 16mm nut there, i would look at both rear callipers to make sure that they are not sticking on when the hand brake in released. The N/S one kept sticking on with me. I have just ordered new cables from Ebay £23 the pair :)
  3. Hello all thank you for the welcome

  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Carlsleepless :)