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  1. Fitting Zetec S Rear Spoiler

    Spoiler is fitted now but I'm going to have to extend both the washer pipe and wiring. It's going to have to come off again but thats the easy part. I can take some pics if it helps of location bolts/screws and adaptions needed if it would help anyone else
  2. Hi all I'm new here but not to Fords. I've just bought a 2010 Fiesta Titanium 5 door and decided to fit the zetec s rear spoiler. Managed to pick one up mint condition same colour as the car (lucky), but when I've come to fitting it 2x screws from behind the brakelight are almost impossible to relocate. Also the brake light wire and rear washer tube don't appear to reach. Is their a kit which extends these or is it simply a case of joining on? Or is their slack that could be pulled through. Any help would be appreciated cheers
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums steviepat :)

    1. steviepat


      Cheers, having owned numerous Fords straying away for a short while and just buying another Ford thought I'd give this a blast