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  1. Hi,thanks for the reply.I bought it from auction so no warranty but as i said it drives nice just gives me this warning every time i turn on the ignition or start it.
  2. Hi all, I have just bought a red 2009 ford mondeo titanium x sport 175 and im really pleased with it,awsome car. I had a audi sline 170 and the clutch went and i have never looked back. I have not had mondeo long and bought it from auction is was a finance repo,it has 34000 miles on it. Runs lovely and sounds nice but every time i start if the engine malfunction comes up and i click ok and it goes away but left with a amber information warning light and spanner so i presume it needs serviced. I went to a mechanic but he cant look at it for 2 weeks so is it safe to drive normally like this?. No weird noises or loss of power the car seems great. Any help would be appreciated. I will get some pics done when i get the chance
  3. Hi All, Well i have just bought a Red 2009 ford mondeo titanium x sport 175 with 34,000 miles on it. My audi clutch went and thought oh well what will i get and seen this at auction and bought it. It runs really nice and feels much quicker than my audi sline 170 ever was and the mondeo drives better also i have to say. I know it needs a service which i will get round to but every time i start the car it comes up with the message engine malfunction then i click ok and the warning light goes to information amber but it is stored in messages. The engine seems very smooth and refined and pulls like a train so wonder what this could be?,any idea guys.I went to book it in today and was told i would have to wait about 2 weeks so i will drive it carefully as everything seems fine,you guys think that would be ok to do or not?. Anyway im happy to be a proud owner of this stunning machine i cant believe the extras its got as in touch screen sat nav and hill assist its amazing and huge inside. Look forward to your replies
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums malcy666 :)