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  1. this is the place i have used for mine
  2. Have just been brought some ghost shadow lights which i would like to put in to doors on my 2010 fiesta tdci and would like some help on which wires to connect up to as there is no switch in the door as such to connect to,i presume the interior lights come on when the door opens and is some way controlled by the door lock in some way,any help gratefully received and thank you
  3. Hello to everybody had an engine warning light come on today,took car(06 focus 1.6 tdci) to local mechanic who got 3 fault codes p024f p022b p0033 i have tried to google the first 2 codes and cannot seem to find anything p0033 comes back as P0033 Turbo charger bypass valve control circuit have no idea what or where that is,so if anybody can help with these 3 i give you a big thank you in advance all the best andy
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums andyp123 :)