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  1. It's in a right state at the minute though :/ God damn country roads.
  2. Air filter is back in. Went for a quick trip up the road. I think a combination of the snorkel delete and a clean filter has made a noticeable difference. Car feels nice to drive and pulls quite well, better than before anyways.
  3. To be fair to the bloke he has already refunded me and apologised. It is the ST diffuser, managed to find a local garage that was going to put it on and spray it for me but going to wait now till next month :-( Setbacks suck. At least you have something to look forward to now :p
  4. I suppose that was unpainted? I was hoping to pay less than that but looks like I'll have to settle for full price. On the other hand, I've cleaned and oiled my air filter this evening with the Green Cotton cleaner kit. Waiting for the oil to settle then putting it back in.
  5. I have also had this problem with 'as new' items on eBay. It's just a kick in the teeth for us buyers. Hopefully you get the case sorted out quickly and refunded accordingly. That looks like the ST diffuser ?
  6. Someone find me the ZS rear skirt !! Can't find one at all at a decent price. :'(
  7. I like still feeling the effects of the snorkel delete 3 days on.
  8. Wow. Result! I'm actually surprised the garage paid out to you. Top marks to those lads for being so considerate. You don't see that every day. Well chuffed for you pal. So are you going for repair or brand new unit?
  9. I'll have to try this, as you know how I feel about my Ti-VCT!! In a different post, it showed that you've removed the snorkel and a plastic grid. Does it need both parts removing? The snorkel is a must and yes u would remove the rubber framing as well although opinions vary on the effect of removing it. Check out the thread on focusfanatics I posted. Lots of info on there and most people have removed the framing also. I did it just to free up more space behind the grill so more air is readily available. In theory.
  10. I second what MrBurns has stated. I did this mod myself yesterday and combined with my Green Cotton air filter, this really does improve acceleration, idle and cold starts. The car feels a lot happier accelerating from low revs. Highly recommended.
  11. Jammy sod. I've been keeping an eye for one for ages on eBay lol Fitting the diffuser shouldn't be too hard, as far as i know it's just clipped on. Be careful not to break any of them whilst taking the old diffuser off. They are quick brittle.
  12. Anyone got one of the full bulb kits on their cars? The Brightvue bulbs?
  13. Yes it was directly below the snorkel and held in place by two metal clips, one at each side. Removed the clips and pulled it out. I think a moderator has to change it for you. Alternatively you could start another thread with the title which could get stickied for other people to see. But yea it's a really easy mod and for the difference it makes I would recommend it to anyone.
  14. There's lots of details and info in this thread I found on focusfanatics re the snorkel delete: Lots seem to think removing that rubber framing would cause no trouble at all.
  15. "Rubber thing?" mine is plastic. Are we talking about the same part? Mine is made from plastic. I think it acts as a shield to prevent direct access from foreign objects and maybe water. If I was you I'd put that part back on. Have you got the lid on your airbox? Some leave it off, I left mine on. Hmm. That pic I posted, the 'frame' looking piece is definitely made of flimsy rubber. I was able to make a slice in it with extreme ease. Do you have a pic of the piece you are talking about? I left my air box lid on as without it I'd imagine there would be quite a bit of hot air sucked in.