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  1. Nice weekend surprise at work the other day too: Couldn't resist getting a classic/modern shot.
  2. Ebay. Find the bits separately like I've done and have them resprayed. Cheapest option. Or go straight to ford and order through hem but it's expensive.
  3. Just leave these here... Far from perfect but not bad for a rush job.
  4. I'm at my wit's end with all this knocking and creaking ! I asked Ford when the car was last for service to have a look, they said it all looked fine. I asked my mate nextdoors to work, he couldn't find anything wrong and I took it to a guy this morning who deals with rally cars, took him for a drive to hear the knocks and he think there's nothing alarming. Granted the sounds weren't as bad typically when I tried to show him but I actually haven't a clue what to do next bar putting the stock springs back in. Which I don't want to do.
  5. I'm hoping this is a joke/photoshop: What have they done ?
  6. provide some pics too ? It might help a little more.
  7. Well the CEUK dipped and high beams are halogens anyway. They had little to zero light output compared to the Osrams. The only thing I have that are leds from the kit are the sidelights and fogs. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  8. I ordered a full set from CEUK for my MK3 Focus. Since being installed I've had to replace the sidelights due to flickering and have changed dipped beam back to Osram and high beams back to stock. Not worth the price at all. Havent used the fogs much but I'll prob go back to yellow. Resulting in paying price for a full set and only using the sidelights :(
  9. Does it happen all the time or just when you reach around 3-4k revs ? If so, could be the actual vct unit is knackered.
  10. I don't understand what you mean pal, could you explain further ? Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  11. Ordered some replacement led door logos today as my previous ones have faded badly. Should be here by Wednesday and installed on the same day.
  12. Sods law. My CEUK ones have just started to flicker.
  13. Thanks pal. The mechanic nextdoor to work said he'd have a look this week so hopefully he'll be able to sort something.
  14. This is what happens when you look too close at your car lol Something else I've noticed: Driver side headlight. Notice the silver bezel and the gap before the black Passenger side: Somehow it's sitting on top of the black bit. I've no idea how this is possible.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Could you explain a bit more please? If there's pain chipped away where two coils are colliding how would this be fixed? Also I've read about the strut mounts having an arrow to indicate which way to install them, maybe this was not known by the garage when they were installing them?