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  1. Good to see some love for the estate. I agree with midnighttd the mk3.5 looks far better, especially in Zetec S trim. I've also been looking at the Seat Leon FR 1.8 with Tech pack. Very yummy in 5dr black.
  2. Bit of a trek ahead of me tomorrow morning. The car is going on a road trip to Old Trafford:
  3. Very nice motor looks good in the estate version are u thinking of buying it??? Yea estate. I'm thinking that, being recently married and on the verge of getting our first house, there is a strong possibility there could be another member of the family added in the near future lol So estate = family car = more room and it actually does look quote sport still. Bit like RainyDays has said, suspension would defs be getting looked at if I do decide to go for something like that.
  4. I think I'm in love
  5. Once I get back from Manchester on Friday morn it'll be all systems go. Bumper on and damage fixed that'll be all the big jobs til January when the coilovers go on and the wheels get a colour change. Before then I'll be updating the vinyl on the side of the car plus adding something to the bonnet, much like@jinjoh_ninjoh has done.
  6. I've been out and given the car a much needed wash. But God does it need a proper detail, like seriously it's so bad with swirls :( After the winter passes it'll definitely be getting booked in. Looks ok from a distance at present: Another thing I must do is get a pro to photo the car sometime, maybe after the detail. My photo skills are dwindling lol
  7. Another milestone today :)
  8. That's Karma for buy BF1 Having said that its a relatively easy repair down at your local spray shop for around £120.00 ish That's a northern price by the way. Lol. Well the body shop that's doing my ZS rear quoted £170 for that and the repair job.
  9. Cheers. By Monday/Tuesday week all should be well again. Hopefully.
  10. Yep, total disaster. And I thought Friday was going well, what with being in time for the delivery man and grabbing Battlefield1 to start installing before I came home from work, all within 1 hour in my lunch break. Just show you...
  11. I don't like this
  12. Yea I was gutted to say the least. Typical that it would happen at a time when I can't actually get the car in to get it fixed. Ah well, these things are sent to test us lol Yea after I get that all painted and installed I'll be looking at an exhaust if some kind. Not sure whether to go whole system or just get a back box? Any opinions?