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  1. Good information there bud. Im nearly 100% that the Hypers were brighter than these CEUK headlights. Also I notice that the light pattern is very centralised. I know there's a cut off for light above, but below the cut off there seems to be little to no light. It's not lighting the road below the cutoff is what I'm saying. Pretty sure the Hypers lit the road up below the cutoff.
  2. Headlights now sorted although I'm beginning to think the Osram Hyper Blues were brighter ! Now that the alignment is set, changing out the bulbs shouldn't put it off again should it ?
  3. Well I think I've found the culprit. I forgot that the bulb holders I had weren't the standard black ones. I had gotten open backed ones for the HIDs at the time, that's what I had been using. I switched them out to the stock ones and the bulbs are now seated a lot better. I can see now that the passenger side bulb is facing lower than the driver side. Driver side looks to be a bit high too but it's getting sorted for sure tomorrow so happy days.
  4. I had the headlights out while changing the bulbs. I'm pretty theyre in properly as I checked and re checked so they must be off alignment. Also the high beams have a slanted base to the actual bulb which only allows it to fit some way so I'm pretty sure those are in right too. I'll be all good after a quick alignment at lunchtime :)
  5. Cheers bud. I went for a drive I last night and couldnt see a ***** thing with my headlights lol I think they're point straight down at the ground now, the bulb brightness couldn't be that bad surely ? I must have upset the alignment when I put them in. As I changed the High Beams too it looks like they're point up and to the left too much. Can these be adjust as well ? I'll go tomorrow and get them all checked. Hopefully it's just the alignment and not the bulbs :/
  6. Got the new bulb set from CEUK installed yesterday. Boy theyre bright. Rubbish pics but you get the idea.
  7. Took a crackin' pic of the car today: I remember saying I was getting the wheels done gunmetal but there's something about silver on black that I keep coming back to lol
  8. So ive gotten sick of having mismatching bulbs in the front of the car recently. Side lights are normal halogen, headlights are Osram hyper blue, drl and yellow fogs. All a bit of a mess really. So I decided to get the CarEnhancementsUK full MK3 kit. It includes some bulbs for the interior so that is pretty cool but I'll be for sure getting the front end sorted first. Should be here tomorrow.
  9. I beg to differ in some ways. I think they've been allowed to go too overboard. That second episode with the terrorist op thing was way too cheesy and over the top. I think without the restraints/rules from the BBC they've been given too much free roam. 4.2mil an episode I read somewhere ? Don't get me wrong I'll still be watching every week for my weekly dose of Clarkson but yea, a bit too scripted/forced/cheesy for me.
  10. I'll give my two cents on this. I have a cylindrical air filter in my MK3, same shape since the MK2.5. Recently I bought a K&N filter to replace my standard one. It's the one with the removable bung. Ive been running it with the bung removed as the sound was excellent, really meaty and strong. Acceleration felt nice too, better than standard. Yesterday I just happened to put the bung back in for argument sake. I can say 100% that acceleration is even better and so smooth with the air box/filter closed/sealed. There's no drop in revs changing gear, feels stronger in the lower revs. I do have the snorkel delete done on mine too which probably has helped a bit. But yea, just shows that open ended filters or ones that do away with the standard air box aren't always the best.
  11. Possibly 🤔😉
  12. Thanks for reading bud, always pleased when someone takes interest. As far as I can tell, my car didn't come with sat nav when the previous owner ordered it. He told me he paid for sat nav to be installed by Ford. Maybe the car came from factory with the Sony unit and was too expensive to keep the Sony unit when upgrading to sat nav. Either way, it never bothered me, happy to have a functioning sat nav in there. Phone buttons all work fine. I may be mistaken but I think the steering wheel buttons were revised at some stage so that instead on arrow keys on both side of the wheel with phone button separate, the wheel came with arrows on one side with phone buttons on the other, the circular buttons, and the cruise control buttons still separate, if you get me lol ?
  13. Haha sorry lad :( as soon as I get a few quid in my pocket I spend it on these lovely mods haha Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk Lol that's the way to do it bud. Get it done ! Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  14. Some of my recent vehicle/design work:
  15. Folks I'll be brief. The car has been up for sale twice and taken down both times. I'll admit that my love faltered slightly as I was listing after a ST225. But I've seen sense and decided that I'm keeping my Titanium another year at least. I apologise for any inconvenience :( lol Anyways. Back to mods. I'll be getting the side graphics back on again this week hopefully and I've ordered a full lighting upgrade from car enhancements UK so I'll post some pics when that arrives. Also, exhaust may be happening soon :)