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  1. Holy God that footage is mad. The woman looks as if she was pregnant too.
  2. That. Is. Awesome. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  3. Speaking of Dire Straights. Anytime 'Money For Nothing' comes on, that always gets turned up to near full volume. The intro to that is unreal!! Just like when that film 'Kingsman' started, you know it's going to be a good movie when is starts with 'Money For Nothing's. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  4. If I'm not listening to my iPod/MP3 music it'll be TalkSport or Absolute Classic Rock.
  5. So finally got around to getting a battery for the car. After being jumped 3 times over the weekend enough was enough. The mechanics next door to work fitted a new Yuasa battery for £60 all in. Wasn't too bad i thought. Worked a treat too. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  6. Some pics from Causeway Coast Ford Fair today: Any my car sporting new stripes and fixed door wrap:
  7. Well the battery is definitely on its way out. Had to be jumped 3 times this weekend so it's not holding a charge. One of those time was at Ford Fair today amongst all the classics that started first time lol embarrassing. I'll be getting the battery tasted tomorrow and hopefully it'll just be a new one I'll need.
  8. Young boy. MK7 Fiesta Zetec MK2 Focus Titanium MK3 Focus Titanium
  9. Hi Pal, where did you get those stick on vents for your st ? Have you still got a link to them ? I fancy checking them out.
  10. Currently have these on shuffle: 1.Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack 2. Death Magnetic - Metallica 3. QUO - Status Quo 4. Live - AC/DC
  11. Ive seen a set of these and I'm considering a sorta retrofit. My plan is to fit the headlights but use a standard aftermarket hid kit and use focccus to sort out the bulb warnings. Anyone know if this wouldn't be possible and why? I'm pretty sure the bulb fitment for OEM XEnons is DS3 ? Is there any aftermarket bulb type that will fit the headlight ? Like a H1 or whatever ? I've seen some DS3 bulb holders that look like rings, can these be got to fit a standard bulb into a DS3 housing ? Any and all info appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. She-height! Right so what do you recommend for a replacement ? Bosch something ?
  13. Hasn't been changed as far as I know. Would you recommend having ford do it or just buy the battery and change it myself ? Any suggestions on which battery to get lads ? Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  14. Does anyone have any idea what these codes stand for ? Tried Google but no definite answer. Also, literally as soon as turn the ignition on the car without starting the engine it flashes up battery low warning. Yet there are no starting issues or any other symptoms. Battery level in the hidden menu says 11.2volts. Any ideas ?
  15. That bottom pic of the Kuga wires doesn't look like it can from ford at all [emoji45] Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk