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  1. Focus 2003 Rear Brake Light Problem.

    artscot79, scrappy a good idea if all other routes fail, thanks for the post. Rich.
  2. Focus 2003 Rear Brake Light Problem.

    Stoney871, thank you for your post, indeed I'll have a root around and see what gives. Rich.
  3. Focus 2003 Rear Brake Light Problem.

    Thanks for your post stef123, I'll certainly try the fuse and see if I can resolve the problem. Rich.
  4. I have a focus Lx 2003 auto, the rear near side brake light is non operational when brake depressed, but the tail lights are not affected, I have replaced the bulbs still the same result, any help much appreciated. Thanks, Rich.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums RichDartmoor :)

    1. RichDartmoor


      Thanks for the welcome, really good forum and great resource of info.