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  1. All the digital displays inside the car are also blue so it goes together quite nicely
  2. Candy blue
  3. Mine had a burning smell on the way home, I put I down to having the radio on full chat straight away
  4. My first tank was 39, second tank was 44, the next tank looks better again. Ill keep you posted on how it goes.
  5. I'm not a big fan of the long ratios but it helps keep the mpg high
  6. I'm at 150 miles and I'm averaging 42 ATM
  7. On Friday I finally picked up my new fiesta and I must say I am very impressed. It's so refined for a small car and the 3 pot engine is brilliant. Worth the wait.
  8. Yeh it's the same engine, I emailed super chips and they said the fiesta version will be available soon
  9. If you want a car quickly I wouldn't bother with a new fiesta, been waiting over 3 months
  10. Nice to see a positive mpg marker as the sub 40's that people have claimed were starting to worry me
  11. It's the same colour and extras as the one in the link, candy blue. I ordered at the beginning of January. Has anyone tried complaining to get some freebies?
  12. That car is exactly the spec I ordered, don't understand why it's for sale with another dealer when mine has been delayed from the first of march to the end of march
  13. I also ordered my candy blue zs mid jan and was expecting mine to be ready for march 1st, phoned up today and its changed to the end of march
  14. Your dealer sounds good with all the updates, I haven't heard off mine since I ordered
  15. Was that the planned arrival date or are they running late?