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  1. Hi, i have a zetec 2006 and when i put the car in reverse instead of my usual beeping tone ,i am getting a long tone for 3 seconds.i have read other forums and it states there is a problem with one or all the sensors ,has anyone had this issue . regards
  2. hi,i know they would be ,just so happens i bought these from ebay and they fit perfectly. thanks
  3. thanks ian , did you get a part number ? regards
  5. i think its not there after all ,its the plactic clips/plugs which hold the boot floor which doubles [folds back]as seat backs when the 3rd row seats are being used ...i am trying to explain this ,someone with a s max will know .
  6. hi,yes i know which part ,but i don't know the name of the part number ,and i would look a right berk [we all know what parts shops are like if yr a no-body]. thanks
  7. anywhere else just in case a ford dealer is miles away ?
  8. great ,60715 thanks
  9. hi,can anyone please help me ,i am looking to buy some of those black clips which hold the rear seat backs in place for my s max [when the extra seats are in use what is the boot floor folds back],anyway i have looked everywhere without any luck , can anyone guide me . thanks
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums smiler :)