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  1. It is not overheating as the gauge is working. Plus we can do long journeys but not on motorway and it does not happen. There is one other thing; on cold morning the car starts with a lot a white smoke.
  2. I've got a 2005 05 plate Focus 1.9tdci Ghia that had done 100000miles, and it's been fine up until a month ago. I was on way down to Southampton, and after leaving the motorway after a 70odd mile stint the car just die when I came to stop at the roundabout, on the slip way. The car then would not start. I had no warning lights up at all, when tried to start it it just never fired up. Anyway after a long wait Green Flag came out and diagnostic it; showing nothing wrong . I drove it home without any problem about 80 miles on motorways and dual carriageways. Then about 2 week later the same thing happened. The Green Flag came out and believed it could be the crank sensors. The diagnostic shown nothing again. It started any after about an hour. We took it to the garage and had the sensors changed. The next time we went on the motorway the same thing happened again at the same place. We have been driving it around Town without any problems during this time. , tried it and still wouldn't start, got towed to garage and then it magically started!! So I ran it for next month, just local driving and it was fine. Then at the weekend when on motorway again, shorter journey this time, but same thing happened when left motorway and came to stop, but this time it started after 20mins and was fine for rest of journey. Took it to garage again and diagnostic it again, but it came up with no problem. Been told it might be fuel pump, fuel injectors or fuel rail, but don't want to chuck money at the car if it's not going to fix it, and we won't be sure if it's fixed because when it's at the garage it's not broken! Has anyone else had a similar problem or know what the problem might be? Lord
  3. We having the same problem in a 2005 Foucu 1.9TDCI. Did you get to to the bottom of it?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Lord :)