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  1. Newbie, Am I Just Hearing Things??

    Hey jimrex, was wondering if when you put in for your service if they answered the question of clunk noises? Cheers
  2. Newbie, Am I Just Hearing Things??

    Cheers jimrex, that's exactly what I've been thinking too, even been altering the way I change gears to see if it makes any difference, sometimes I think it does but then I'll hear something again, hence I think I'm just being overly sensitive about it all! Doesn't seem to affect the performance I don't think..
  3. Newbie, Am I Just Hearing Things??

    Cheers for the replies again. Right yeah see I was wondering if it's just a case of me having to get used to the sound of things, hence the title, having not had a diesel before etc.. Just seems like you can hear a lot of clanking and clunking around when choosing the gears and using the clutch as well as this particular clunk I'm chatting about.. but could easily be me gone a bit mental over fussing with my new baby, lol. In answer to the last question though, centrally I think it comes from... Cheers G
  4. Newbie, Am I Just Hearing Things??

    Hey jeebowhite, Thanks for the reply firstly. Well having done my usual research first on what it might be I did wonder if this was the case but it doesn't seem to be, for starters it doesn't only happen when I've just started the engine up, which is what I believe the abs test does, is this right?
  5. Hi everyone, As the title says, a lot of the time when I'm changing gear, generally the lower ones, I seem to hear and feel a little clunk noise...sometimes I can stop this, especially when going achingly slow on lifting the clutch but it can still happen, enough to make me wonder - is this normal for a focus? It's a 2012 tdci titanium econetic...
  6. Hi all, Just a quick introduction to say hi and glad to be here of course, I'm a complete ford newbie having just bought myself a slickety slick focus titanium :) be posting my first question real soon, so I'm looking forward to all your helpful suggestions and answers, hopefully it'll be the ones I'm looking for too! :) All the best peeps, peace out!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Feryl :)