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  1. Air Con Advice Needed

    Hey Thanx for all your help and advice, I found the pressure switch behind the power steering resurvaur (Please forgive spelling) and found the two wires were broken, I reconnected them and the compressor cut in and it started blowing ice cold :D so Thanx to you all Regards Rod
  2. Air Con Advice Needed

    Well I have no power to the fuse!!, I have power to the relay (Pins 1&2), so does that mean I need a new compressor?
  3. Air Con Advice Needed

    How do I check that and where is it? I got a new switch and has made no difference, i have checked wires on compressor and all seems well
  4. Air Con Advice Needed

    Hi theduke It was re gassed at Kwik fit, I have a read out, it says :- RECOVERED 00.390 kg RECOVERED OI 0004 ml VACUUM TIME 010:00 min LEAK TEST NO LEAK DETECTED CHARGED 00.740 kg OIL CHARGED 0014 ml UV DYE YES I checked it today and the light on the switch comes on but when i checked the fuse there is no power to the fuse at all, i changed the relays, still no power to the fuse box, I have ordered a new switch for it so hopfully it will be that Regards Rod
  5. Air Con Advice Needed

    I have checked the compressor and the outer part does not turn when the engine is running and when i hit the switch inside the car it still does not turn, so is that the problem? if so what should i be looking to do now? Regards Rod
  6. Air Con Advice Needed

    Ok Thanks for the pic, is it possible to see if its working? my wife has a vectra and when she turns on the ac the engine revs change slightly but my focus dosn't change in revs when the ac is switched on? Thanx Rod
  7. Air Con Advice Needed

    Hi FOCA I have had it regassed today but it doesn't seem to get cold, the 2 fans DO work because I left the car running and they both cut in together as the engine was heating up, not sure what you meant about the clutch engaging? Thanx for reply Rod
  8. Hi I have an 02 focus but only have 1 key, it has no buttons on it, but it does come apart and there is a small battery attached to something inside, so where can I get a spare key for it and how much am I looking at? Regards Rod
  9. Air Con Advice Needed

    Hi I have an 02 Focus, when I turn on the air con the switch lights up but it doesn't seem to get any colder and the 2 fans on the rad dont spin, will it just need regassing or should the fans spin any way? Regards Rod
  10. Spare Key??

    Hi I have just bought a Focus on an 02 plate but only got 1 key, how do I get a spare key and how much is it gonna cost? Also would it be a Mk1 or Mk2 Focus? its an 02 plate Hatchback regards Rod
  11. Hi can anyone tell me why my N/S/F wheel leans inwards and is it an easy fix? I purchased the 02 focus second hand today Regards Rod
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Rod C :)