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  1. Alloy Wheels??

    hi, can anyone advise me if 4 stud mondeo st200 alloy wheels will fit my 02 focus?? cheers all
  2. Focus Boot Release Problem!!!!

    Sorry so long in getting back, but the part took a while to come, anyway did the swap over today and thanks to your help it was a piece of cake!!! Cheers Clive :)
  3. Focus Boot Release Problem!!!!

    cheers Clive, i will either get one from ebay or go down to the scrappers!! i will let you know the outcome, fingers crossed!
  4. Focus Boot Release Problem!!!!

    hi, thanks, i have looked at all the wiring which seems ok, checked the plug was in, still no joy, looks like i will have to buy a new/secondhand unit, clive will i be able to change the lock so i can use my key? cheers
  5. Focus Boot Release Problem!!!!

    cheers Clive, i will have a good look at the wiring while the sun is out and take it from there, i will let you know!!!
  6. hi all, new to this forum so be gentle!!! i have a 02 focus hatchback with boot release problem, i can open the boot with the key but cant either with the remote key or button near the clocks, any ideas on what the cause could be will be gratefully recieved, cheers
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums bigadds :)