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  1. 2013 Fiesta Arriving 1St March!

    congrats on your purchase, and congrats on being your first brand new motor. This is my first post as I'm due to become a Ford owner for the first time since 1998. Just this weekend I placed an order for a new Fiesta .. Mine's not due until mid April sadly! Zetec (3 door) Manual 1.0T EcoBoost (100PS) Panther Black DAB + Ford SYNC Spare wheel Car Mats Took one for a test drive, and really couldn't believe how far the interior of these cars had come. It was a genuinely nice place to be. I'm chopping in an '07 Cooper S as the Mini is just not getting used, for what it is.. And the running costs don't justify the mileage I do (3 miles in the morning, 3 miles in the evening, weekdays only). I thought the Fiesta was actually a nicer place to be than the Mini, especially considering the Mini, when new, was x2 the price! Performance wasn't great, but it's perfect for what I need it for. And besides, I ordered another car the week before, and that will take care of the power issue. one last thing .. I couldn't quite believe I had to order car mats for it. I genuinely asked the salesman, "does it come with a !Removed! steering wheel?" :)
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Jay Ell :)